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Putri Anis and her business partner , Madam Ivy Tan

On September 24th , 2010, Putri Anis with her business partners have spent time in Billy Cafe, located in the city of Kota Bharu. They have tried many recipes from west that has become their favorite of all. In this conversation, Putri Anis has explained many interesting topics that makes all happy to hear that. Among the topics has been debated is the level of youth entrepreneurship program in particular young people who have no work. She intends to establish a community working together while helping the poor to improve living standards today. All projects have been arranged by her and wait for time to run. Putri Anis is a smart young lady and very open in every case. Although still young, but she is very experienced in all fields, especially in handling the problems of society in various regions. According to the experience of her business partners, Putri Anis sometimes very sensitive to people who are not serious in work and sensitive to the highly disciplined. She often practiced her principles of discipline and a deep faith. Until today she had not liked by some people as a good character but firm.

Putri Anis posing with her friend in Billy Cafe

Billy Cafe
Lot 462, Seksyen 8, Jalan Kebun Sultan
15350 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Contact Number: 09-743 3919

The day in evening

The Road of Success In Career By Sri Ratu Saadong Vii

Shall we ever previously thought why people who are successful in their careers may become rich, while the other half were not changed but will continue to decline and become increasingly poor?

For the win, we want to know what are the factors that cause them have been successful?

What really motivated to make them? How many hours they work? And what is holding them until they succeed in shaping a life different from others?

If observed, successful people have certain similarities in some features. One of the characteristics found in successful people is their manager is a good time.

They spend time at the office efficiently because they deliver their body and soul just to work. They love what they do.

Typically, the higher the rank of an employee, the more time they works, there are some up to 60 hours per week compared to 48 hours for regular employees. Some work started early in the morning and there was some work started immediately after the morning prayer. They use the clock to keep working.

They just need to sleep a short time compared to ordinary people who need 8 hours. Despite the short sleep, it does not affect human health because they are healthy and vibrant.

Another feature of the wise management of time including a positive attitude, ability to focus more on the matter of high non-trivial matter.

But there are some obstacles that always interfere with the effectiveness of the work, including disorders of socialization, a meeting can be avoided and prioritize the work of less importance.

For a smart executives, they know how to use time effectively. They just do something productive and focus on activities that have an interest and a high priority.

They will also ensure that all plans go smoothly and subordinate full duties efficiently. They also encourage their subordinates to carry out its own way as long as results are achieved. Manage your time well in leisure time has become an important feature of successful executives.

They are able to choose sports such as golf, jogging and tennis and there are also choosing to spend time with reading.

They are a lot of the time to write at the same time to manage the company will divide the time for both those purposes.

According to David James in his book 'smart working', those who succeed will be asking themselves what is expected of them by other people from thinking about technique or how to resolve a staff assignments.

They build personal strengths, as well as the strength of people working around them. If there is any problems or staff incompetence. They are more focused on the opportunities brought about and not spend the time to think about their problems.

By focusing on a major means finding the best conditions for optimum productivity. Arrange and hold preferences with doing the first major that we have time to focus on other tasks.

In this way it is easy for us to provide the bekualiti to a project that we do. Make effective decisions is another important feature.

Successful managers can make decisions quickly and stick to it. If the wrong decisions, they learn from mistakes and not waste time discussing it.

Characteristics of successful management

Failure to control; FOR foster success, it is important for us to capture the fear of all kinds of failure even though it only represents a small failure. By thinking 'Shall they accept my idea', is just a waste something of time . Better if the time is used to improve the idea.

Maintain peace of mind and always managed, properly manage daily tasks based on a list of tasks that we want to do. If we have a maid, and let our assistant managing chores such as opening letters or make phone calls.

Not recommended meeting; MANY executives do not like to meet because it takes a long time. Use the phone, email or meet informally with subordinates or employees, if there is something to be served.


Discusses the characteristics of excellent career

Features Ideal Career Affect Families

A superior man is easy to manage family affairs. It can plan educational matters, remuneration, social and family development with "Tarbiah Islamiah". It can carry out his duties as head of the family and at the same time or as a devout man of God who is always keeping relationship with God Almighty.

In a family, aspects of physical health are essential. This is because the mind and the spiritual welfare of a subject close to their physical well being. A strong believer is better than the weak. A healthy mind is born out of healthy bodies. Thus, the physical "Tarbiah" as demanded by Islamic law should be implemented in a regular basis. For instance, the choice of food must be clean, good and lawful source. Bad practices that can harm the body, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, abusing drugs, etc., should be avoided. If this provision is not complied with, the physical health will be affected and could adversely affect the mental, physical and spiritual.

Spiritual education also is an important aspect. It covers faith, the practice of sharia, the responsibility as a Muslim as well as mental and spiritual development. The head of the family is responsible for forming and educating family practice demands required by Islam. At the same time away from the things forbidden and disapproved. It also must ensure the authenticity of the faith of their family and clean of any form of blasphemy and erodes the soul of filth and disease through the practice and a steady and continuous training. 

Firman Allah swt:
"Successful indeed are (after receiving was warning) trying to keep himself (with obedience and good deeds) and breathe with his tongue and his heart will be the name of his Lord and pray (with humility)."
(Surah al-A'la: 14-15)

As mentioned common sense is very valuable to Human beings. Islam demands its followers to use the mind properly. Enjoin Muslims to seek knowledge that is useful and knowledge that will be disseminated through the teaching and development.

Along with the power of thought, moral education is very important. An ideal leader is a model of effective moral education in the family. It should guide the members of our family with Islamic morality based on the knowledge and experience available to them. The failure of some families to adopt Islamic morality largely due to the failure of the head of the family or their parents are not practicing good values as prescribed by Islam. That's why parents need to establish their superiority before such practices can be handed down to their children.

The head of the family can also regulate the question of economic and social life based on family values is good. It will have a sense of responsibility to improve the living standards of families with adopted an earnest in his career. He believes that the work was the seriousness of religious instruction to be discharged. Thus, it would bring his family out of the scope of poverty is one of the enemies of Islam that can lead to disbelief as the word of Allah's Messenger:
"Almost poverty that lead to disbelief."
(Narrated by Abu Naim)

Western style meal but Putri Anis love to eat Italian salad

Putri Anis soon be launching a book on young entrepreneurs. This book provides guidance to entrepreneurs on how to reap the profit when the deal and how to avoid losses. Among the interesting things discussed in this book as a business risk and what type, how to attract and bind unique products and more satisfied customers. This book is a guide for anyone who is interested and wants to become successful entrepreneurs.

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