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An Opinion About How Love Of Islam By Raja Tengku Putri Anis :

Love has a very high value means that people are willing to act as the wild can not control the feelings. By feelings of love can deviate from God.

Therefore, love without control is not acceptable and selfless submission to Allah. 

In every human life will kept the nature of love, but do not all run on the actual track by feelings. Some of which act on the basis of current the beam with the devil . 

Indeed, the devil is working deflect and mislead. As a result, if not taken care of, not to create love and piety. 

Three important things in the struggle for human needs of the property, and the women's crown. 

If not controlled in accordance with the guidelines without the One True God, will have consequences that can turn people of faith. 

Word of God means: "O you who believe, do not let the property and children from the remembrance of Allah. And those who do so, they are the losers. " 
- (Surah al-Munafiqin, verse 9) 

Those who deviate from fight over property, women will forget the throne and the real value of love and piety. 

They can only love among the peers, while hatred and enmity activated about their opponents. Only love and fear Allah. Although not the same beliefs, but Islam teaches peace and keep alive any problems. 

This is expressed in the word of God says: "Truly the believers are brothers, therefore make peace between your brethren and fear Allah that ye may obtain mercy." 
- (Surah al-Hujurat, verse 10) 

On this day, Muslims have lost the battle cry waves, but at the same time forget the love kept by Islamic foundation. 

In order for a different approach to understanding the ideological and political, they are fanatics willing to act. Curse each religion! 

Clear, people will not reach any understanding, but why is violated basic Islamic brotherhood and spotted. 

Different beliefs should not jeopardize the relationship related. Where lies the value of religion? 

Living principe the spread hatred among brothers in Islam today without the fear of crime. 

Curse, condemn and grudge among friends, not ignored anymore. Do not be pursued for the property, the throne and women, Muslims prepared to decide between his love. 

Muslims must be aware, this happens in today's society, where the nature of hatred and revenge -identify-hate is the fact that is evident at this time. 

Keep in mind, the hatred is not a ticket to heaven. The Prophet saw from Abu Hurairah says: "Shall you go to heaven without faith and faith is not complete without love you, I want to show you something when you do, terwujudlah love among you?Go peace among you. " 
Why is it difficult peace is celebrated, while the Muslim character is gentle. 

If you want to increase the value of Islam, every Muslim must declare all Muslims are brothers without restricted by party and ideology differences. 

God recognizes the signal that peace is a sign of Islam. God's Word says: " who believe, when you go (fight) in the way of Allah, investigate carefully, and do not say to those who would like to greet you: You are not a believer (and did you kill him) with the purpose of searching for life, property, because in the presence of God is wealth ... "- (Surah an-Nisa, verse 94) 
The Prophet saw from Abu Hurairah says: "Muslims are brothers among Muslims. Can not be wrong and can not leave (in disgrace) and can not be lying and can not be humiliated. Piety is here, he said while pointing to his chest three times. " 

Evil enough when one is humble, he is lower among Muslim brothers 

Red is the color preference 

What Is Love ???

Love makes you happy
Love makes you sad
Love makes you laugh
Love makes you cry

Love puts you up
Love puts you down

Love fills you with excitement
Love fills you with doubt
Love fills you with joy
Love fills you with resent

Love puts a smile on your face
Love puts a frown on your face

Love makes you patient
Love makes you unpatient
Love makes you agree
Love makes you disagree

Love fills you with hope
Love fills you with regret

Love makes you nervous
Love makes you anxious
Love makes you discuss
Love makes you argue 

Three sisters who love each other 


La la……la la… lalallala……..

I love my Papa, 
I love my Mama, 
But most of all, 
I love My "KELANTAN" 

I love my Papa, 
I love my Mama, 
But most of all, 
I love My "Malaysia"

I love my teachers, 
I love my friends, 
But most of all, 
I love my brother.

I love my Papa, 
I love my Mama, 
But most of all, 
I love my siblings 

I love my books
I love my plays
But most of all, 
I love my journey

I love my Papa, 
I love my Mama, 
But most of all, 
I love My Indonesia 

I love my country
I love my relatives
I love my sisters
But most of all, 
I love my family

I love my Papa, 
I love my Mama, 
But most of all, 
I love My Kelantan
I love my Acheh aaaa
Aaaa ho ho ho 

(Taken from a song by Princess Anis)

Hear conversations from the guests

According to the late Abul A'la Al Maududi, recognition actually believe in God can leave an impact on human life. In fact, he said, people who do not believe in God will come to grief and loss. 

What are the effects of believing in God? What the loss did not believe? 

1. Liberal 

According al.Maududi, those who believe in God could not have had a narrow view because he believes in the Creator of heaven and earth, the owner of the universe, the owner of the west and east, the creation of providers and educators. He will not find anything strange in this world because everything is in it belongs to God. There have anything in this world who can prevent and limit the sense of love and the tendency to provide aid and service to mankind. 

However, such views would not be there in person professing belief in multiple gods, say, the beri'tiqad God has deprived and limited nature of such people or people who do not believe in God at all. 

2. Expressed his pride and self-esteem. 

People who believe in God as a proud man and self-esteem. He knows God is the true owner of all the power in this world, nothing to cause harm except Allah, no one life and death except Allah and no one has legal authority and sovereignty except God. 

Therefore, faith in Allah, he does not intend to cause other than God. Disconnected from the heart to fear other than Allah. He did not hang his head in front of the creature, humility and begging not to humans and is not afraid of self-importance and greatness of man. 

The nature of this there can be no man who does not believe in God. Among the things that cause Shirk, kufr and apostasy is a wish to lower their heads to other than Allah and consider it the power to cause harm. It is fear and rely on him. 

3. Humble people. 

People who believe in God would not be proud, do not appreciate the blessings and does not fall with the strength and skill as he possesses all know and believe that God is a gift to him. In fact, he realized God took back the authority he requires. 

People who do not believe in God will reject favors, brag, and lifting the head as to obtain a temporary favor for favor assume that the effort and efficiency. Similarly, the sort of become arrogant when Grace, thinking she got more attention from the Lord than others. 

4. Pure soul and do good works 

People who believe in God believe there is no way to achieve security and profit except by pure soul and do good works. Awareness arose because he believes in God who is rich and is just, depend on us all something to him. 

But those who disbelieve spend the idolaters and their lives for a false dream. Among them are saying: "Indeed, children have become Allab redemption of our sins to the Father." 'It also said: "We are the son of God and her lover, then it will not punish us for our sins." It also said: "We will ask God to intercede on the side of our speakers and the righteous among us." It is also among those who submit vows and sacrifices to their gods and consider the ways that they have permission to do sekehendak hearts. 

Such superstition is to embed those concerned in the mud of sin and evil and purify the soul, and forget the good they are. 
Apostasy is the same person can not believe they are the creators. They do not believe will be required to be responsible for their actions and accept the return of the conversation. They think they are independent and not bound by any law. God is their desires and their servants. 

5. Do not despair and lose hope 

Believers are not easily slough dihinggapi and lost hope in any way because he believes in the Possession of the heavens and the earth, and that possesses a lot of grace and bounty. lman providing exceptional peace in his heart. "lman" fill their hearts with peace and hope even though he was ridiculed in the world and away from all the doors of life to look his way around the narrow channels of material failure. He was confident that God has never let her drift off and not lying. So he is always devote its energy to trust to God and ask for help from him in all affairs. 

Peace of heart and soul will not be held except with faith faith. Disbelievers, polytheists and mulhid (athies) has a weak heart. They rely on the limited strength. But how quickly their dihinggapi slough was facing difficulties. Sometimes they are willing to kill themselves. 

6. Have faith and stand strong 

Educate people of faith in Allah and the strength of large, round, determination, courage, patience, courage and resignation when faced with much of the world to look forward to the pleasure of Allah. He is confident the strength of Allah in the heavens and the earth, support and guide in every aspect of life. So his heart to be more robust, resilient and hard of strength, perseverance and force of a mountain. Almost does not have a disaster in the world that have been made against the determination. How pleasing, disbelief and mulhid strength and fortitude to fight this? 

7. Brave 

lman to God made man to fill his heart with courage and fortitude. There are two things that make a man cowardly and weak 
spirit. First, love yourself, property and family. Second, believe that there is other than Allah can turn off the man and he could not refuse the death of any plot. 
However, faith in God to pull the two things that the human heart and clean it out climb-climb with thoroughly. lman to disconnect the first by making him believe that God is the sole owner of personal, property and family. lman make him ready to sacrifice for the cause and the pleasure of Allah. He is ready to sacrifice the things that have them either expensive or cheap. 

lman also can draw the second with iiwa instill in people that do not have a human or an animal can even take his life, not bombs or guns, swords, stone or wood, but only God the authority to do so. He has written for the time of his death. There have been a force in this world that can be fast. 

Therefore, no one in the world is more courageous than those who believe in God. An army can not even scary or menggentarkannya because when he advanced to his struggle to destroy a force of more than ten times. 

So, how unbelievers, idolaters and mulhid think their lives are the most valuable things for themselves and are confident that it will come off with the coming of the enemy and go with the passing enemy? 

8. Avoiding acts of contempt, is enough to 

Faith in God raised people and raise the status of his property away from the primary act of faith. He is also happy with what is and is not required of people, cleanse his heart of greed, voracious, jealous, humility and the tendency of the fault and contempt. Nothing in his chosen way of evil to succeed because he is confident things are in God's hands. He was confident that God bestows sustenance to whom He will and determine to whom He will. There is no glory, power, fame, power, influence and win but in the hands of God. Man must work in a way that character according to his means. The success or otherwise depends to God. Nothing can stop what is his and no one can give what detained him. 

Disbelievers, polytheists and mulhid think that their success or failure depends on the strength of the world or halangannya assistance. They are slaves to greed and gluttony. To achieve the success they are not shy to receive bribes, ingratiating, and conspired to make many more bad ways. They bite the fingers that envious look at the success of others. They use the plot to overthrow the other person or persons who oppose them. 

9. Bound and abide by its rules of Allah 

The most important thing in this context is the faith of God made man bound and abide by the laws of God. People who believe in God sure knows all things. Even God is nearer to them than their own neck vein. 

Believers are confident when they do something or act in the dark alone, God will know. When the heart comes something good, God will know. Although he could hide his actions from others, he can not hide from God. Although he could release himself from any power, he can not escape Allah. 

Therefore, the strong faith in my sticky, the more diligently they follow the law of God and avoid His prohibitions. They rushed towards the welfare and do what is commanded by God even in the dark as well as his own. In front of his eyes always reflected the high court, and almost no one can escape from his inspection. 
Faith in God to be the first and most important condition to be a Muslim man as a Muslim is the obedient servant and obedient only to God.

Dialogue with Sri Ratu Saadong Vii

Principle: Faith and devotion to God By Sri Ratu Saadong Vii
When the tenets of Islam have begun to practice, a question mark among the youth how they should do with their spouse. What determined only relations that are established? Or how about if continued visitation later?

Actually in love with this question, it can not be avoided, if there is a desire for someone, love will come. Feelings are natural, nature does not need to be taught or brought. That is why Islam prohibits the mixing is free because it can stimulate the natural tendency and desire to the other gender.

When a person has no desire for someone else, the solution was determined by Islam. If it is able to marry, they are encouraged to continue to marry. If not it should be fast against his wish. For those who are able to marry, the time that is required of men woo the son of the virgin.

During the engagement ceremony of both male and female couples can meet "muhrim" accompanied them. In the teachings of Islam, should be found so that we know what they agree to continue the marriage or otherwise. Time of first meeting there is love between them. When you have met and have feelings, right to the warmth of love "TEGAL" they can stimulate the domestic happiness of being built.

But what happens in our society, after more than three or four years of dating, then they'd think of getting married together. It is too late. Like sugar cane lost sweet; living alone cake. It been lost over time the introduction. As a result, when they married, their love of the flat.

Not strange, if we hear any new couples married two or three months, continue to separate. Muslims do not question as to whether to love before marriage or love after marriage. But that is forbidden to love long before the marriage can lead to the warmth of love will continue to dim after married.

Thus Islam is very encouraging that the couple had struck them during their marriage engaged accelerated process to continue to love and not remain subdued . On the other hand, if during the engagement, both or one of them is not linked between them, is best if it is determined only engagement. So Islam gives way to a question of love.

Princess Anis love to all muslims in the world

Advice From Sri Ratu Saadong Vii

" Do not let hatred sustainable .
There's always a positive side and negative interactions. Positive when the interaction led to a sense of love and affection, the strength of brotherhood, helping fellow believers. And negative, while the interaction blow sparks disappointment. The hatred was inevitable. 
Hatred because of technical problems such as misunderstandings, sudden emotions, it should only last a few days. Because the principle every believer has one bond: Islamic theology. So the technical problems in the field can be liquefied and busy themselves with time. After that, came back longing "

Take photos with the descendants , Mr Paduka Soria Ramli

Create unity with love 

We do not see examples and history, because that is what is called ISLAM-like conflict and hostile offensive. 

Starting from the leadership to the peoples . Value of the relationship easily removed from our hearts. We kept talking to the great dream of a union between us, we want the welfare and unity of the major issues, but from which the unity and welfare of the future? carefully with the wise, with "man". We do not strive to love my brother, we kept looking wrong and one of them. Even one as small as ants were so hot talk. In the interest of ourselves and our group, we forget those who came with us. 

We evaluate people with heart, not the EYE and feelings. 

It acknowledges that we have and learn. 

We, as human rights and the right to self-hate and not love the things. But our rights in society should be justice without our conscious individual rights. 

Finally, the dream of unity is merely a dream, a dream that will never become reality. 

Reflection ourselves together. Let's see if the unity and welfare of the birth of love. Love generation create a consensus and that Islam united .

Sri Ratu Saadong Vii really love the elderly 


The nature of human love and affection. 

Similarly, when God Almighty created man with love and pity, Lord Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim. We welcomed the world with the birth of love and affection, just a shape to receive the common life of our birth. 

There is no man in this world who want hatred and damage, all want to see the world with love and sayang. Ini because our hearts are filled with love . 

But ... 

We make sense and feeling of love is lost little by little, eventually we lose the emotion. 

The guests from Besut , Terengganu

In it we value ....
"The heart has long been arid
From the splash of water love
Because the rain faith
Not long down

We have placed 
Faith watering love
That the liver arid
Loam and fertile again

Let us drive
We love each other
It has been long lost
Add this arid heart

We flush back
With holy water faith
With the sole sow
To all the people

When the heart of the fertile loam and
Seeds will be fertile again praiseworthy
It will be lush and leafy flowering
To benefit all
Residents are anxious garden

Let's not let this heart
Barren of love
The people will be wobbling
Living in this world
Rank and wealth have no meaning
If love does not have

Love of God's commandments
Between the attributes of God
Thanks to his servants
God is love
To love slave
To make love
For Pleasure

The heart has long suffered
Vacancies love
Stirred again do not leave
Do not let until old

Long people live
In another unprecedented misery
Let us peace
Love each other with a human being

That's the beauty of islam byte lyrics titled ... A love story that we should be careful and aware.

After reading Yassin

Rasulullah sent by Allah to this earth as a blessing or the love of God to the whole world. He is a perfect example of people who qualify as a role model for all humanity, especially for those who hope for Allah's blessings and success and happiness in the hereafter, as well as the success and happiness in the world.

He's certainly the presence of the messenger of Allah to mankind are just as Muhammad's personal, but as a messenger bearing the message of Islam that its application is sure to create a mercy to all mankind, even the entire universe. One of the tenets of blessings that are the teachings about the nature of mercy or compassion itself that is part of the character BAUK according to the tenets of Islam.

Religion: motivating and ordered the Muslims to have the probation. In fact, Islam provides a wide range of aksih mercy or compassion in various forms. Among them is that we asked to be humble to others who believe, among Muslims. No matter what the economic social and political status, whatever ethnic group, race and language, a Muslim must respect and we do not underestimate the people we encounter.

Because the fact that a Muslim with the other Muslim is like a body. They are like a head with legs, like the stomach with the mouth. In Sahih al-Bukhari had been recorded of restored bin Bashir who said that the Messenger of Allah said which means: "You see people who believe in the mutual love and affection, a warm relationship, and think of them as the body. If one member of the body complain, then the whole body will feel cold and can not sleep. "

In fact fellow Muslim mutual respect and mutual humble, humbled and humiliated is not mutual. More than that, they love each other and mix with a strong sense of brotherhood. Run a body. In fact, this friendly attitude shown to non-Muslims who appreciate the integrity of the Muslim and acknowledge the sovereignty of the tenets of Islam, even if they do not mengimani Islam.

In Sunan al-Sufism, narrated a hadith of Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-Ash ra said that Rasulullah saw said that means: "Those who are merciful will be loved by Allah al-Rahman, love anyone on earth would you to be loved by residents heaven. "

But, of course only for those who reject the hostile Muslim nation, Muslims are not in place they loved. As Allah said which means: "Muhammad is the messenger of Allah and those with him are severe against disbelievers, but they love each other." (Al-Fath: 29)

As is the case, let us expand this love as a claim that the most Merciful of the caring. Who else is loving his fellow Muslims if we are not our own Muslim called this, because it is not possible to give you the unbelievers, merciful to the Muslims without any shrimp behind the stone.

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