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Sixth days of "Aidilfitri "( Sri Ratu Saadong Vii )


I once wrote some poetry - the best,
the finest POETRY

My POETRY came with a capital
My POETRY was distinguished
POETRY, proper, complete line of
Verse POETRY - honorable,
prehistoric, geographical POETRY
Divine, instinctive, even religious
I sent it to the magazines
The very good magazines

The very best magazines -
They returned it to me every time!
I once wrote some inferior POETRY
Low in style, irregular in measure
Undignified, trivial, absurd POETRY
inadequate, mischievous, comic

Some stuff like this - A CRIME -
I sent it to the magazines
The very good magazines
The very best magazines

They kept it every time!
Now, I ask of you - my question is
fair and brief - I ask
Of you - your ear I pray and beg you
give -
Shall I write intuitive,
comprehensive, reasoning
Specific, Godlike, Capitol
committed POETRY
The sort I think will live?
Or shall I write inferior, very bad
POETRY - the kind that soon is
Dead - and send it to the magazines,
the very good, the best magazines
(I meet my soul with poetry )By Sri Ratu Saadong Vii

Ask for forgiveness

Leverage the positive energy by Sri Ratu Saadong Vii

Have you ever heard of the law of conservation of energysubmitted by Isaac Newtown? This world renowned scientists explains that any energy on this earth is never lost from life, but it just changes form. Examples are liquid evaporates, thenwill condense and eventually fell back into the rain. This liquid is never less than real life, just change shape and eventually back again in the balance as a liquid in nature.
In human life in general, the law of conservation of energy "Isaac Newton" was actually true in real life applications daily. We have stored in your body's infinite source of energy. Any energy released by our bodies - whether it's positive energy or negative energy - has never really gone from this earth. This means that each energy emitted from our bodies, the value is notwill never change. If we send out from our bodies is a positive energy, then that will return the positive energy that we will receive more. And vice versa, if we send out negative energy, so that we are going back to the negative energy.
Simply this, in real life applications when you help others who are requiring relief assistance for example, then the actual body is emitting positive energy in the form of positive action that is good. Good positive energy you send out from who you really are not going to disappear from this earth. The good energy you send out will always exist in nature and will return toyourself. Could have the same shape, whether we are being helped back by anyone else at the time of need help, or also in a change in a positive value of different forms. For example, you get peace of mind, safety of life, happiness, heart, appreciation of others and even a reward from God Almighty.
And the outside is usually more, every person who enjoys sharing good energy to others, he would never lack good sources of energy in him. In our religious life, this is reinforced by what Allah hath spoken,
"That anyone who exudes positive energy to share, help and love others life and all its contents, then God will restore this positive energy in our lives."
Even in the eyes of the Lord God Almighty Own Energy Source of Life, the positive energy in the form of goodness, love will be refunded in the amount doubled.
The form of return that we receive could be more loved by others, received a lot of love of fellow man, get the good and glory of life, the ease in trying to achieve, achieve success in work and various other living facilities.
If life is thus increasingly being used to release the positive energy by doing a lot of positive actions for others, sharing kindness, helping others lives, compared with only self-serving, will increasingly raise their status or "values" person before men and before God. This is what I mean by leverage positive energy for success. The greater positive energyin life that we emit from our bodies, will make tremendous leverage in raising the life of success and glory of life. Life would seem to be getting easier, more tenteream, the more light and happy heart.
The question now is whether there really positive energy or positive action in business, in work, in life in an increasingly complex world with tough competition today?
How can so that we can enhance positive energy source that can be leverage for the success and glory of our life?.
Real positive energy source already exists in the private selfeach individual. Often we are not aware, less understand or do not even care about the source of energy in ourselves. In my book The Art of Life published by Elex Media Revolution, discussed what positive energy in business, jobs and lives and described how to turn the positive energy in your career, business and life thus increasing success. Here we want to share four tipsin order to improve energy sources glorious success in life:
1. Having the purpose of life is based on the values of idealism and lofty glory
In life, we find a lot of successful people with highest honors, became the leader of life wisdom, a reformer's life, because they have a purpose in life is based on noble values and glory. They devoted their lives to the interests of others. They have high ideals by devoting his life to provide as many benefits for others. Provide services to many of humanity, dedicated to the natural world anduniverse, science devoted to the progress of civilizationworld.
2. Activation Strength Exercise With sincerity Share Goodness Grow
Sincerity in a variety of goodness is the positive energy that willspread, which is not only beneficial for others, but also creating more positive energy will be returned to the giver. This is the true law of life, no matter if the giver wants or does not even realize it. Anyone who gives willingly, withoutrealizing it has increased the value of "value" itself for success.Who melepasakan good positive energy, will increase the positive energy that flowed to him to redouble his happiness.
3. Filosfi life "give and forget"
The principle is the basis of give and forget to think sincerely from the heart. Has the sincerity to do positive work, the energy radiates kindness to others. We just need to believe that any positive energy we send out the real will never decrease. Believing that positive energy is not lost from life, but will flow back into ourselves. We do not have to worry will beshortage, no need to have fears about an uncertain future, because we believe one day this positive energy will definitely return. This is a necessity or a genuine natural law.
4. Growing Soul Empathy
How to be able to have empathy for the soul? A simple way is that we can feel what others feel. We can understand what is required of others. So to be able to help manage the hearts of other people's needs. We have the sensitivity and concern which theninterpreted through concrete actions to help others.
Having empathy is the soul of this positive energy will have a positive effect for happiness while doing good.Not concerned with living for himself but to share with the immediate concern extended his hand for those in need without having to be governed others.
Hopefully Enjoy Reading A little Advices From Sri Ratu Saadong Vii.

Fifi with her friends

Love From Friends

So far my search 
A true friend was to accompany 
Holy struggle 
Thanks now the intense 
People are searching for 
So far I have found 

With it the sight of this struggle 
Glad facing increased moral 
Intense Love 

Extend my prayers to God 
To our everlasting love 
My friend the tree to support 
Sacrifice and pergertian 
I have expressed everything 

Together, our friend 
This friendship
Listen and you continue  
Struggle sacrifice and loyalty

This is the true friend :)

Pincess Anis said :

"A true friend is always true
A true friend is for you
A true friend is what I'll be
So be a true friend to me "

Talking at late night

The Constitution guaranteed the position, Sultan status

Many of us hear the usual rule of the Constitutional system, but not many know exactly what is meant by a constitutional monarchy system of government. Can be everyone explain?

It is one thing that long. But what is important, we should be back on the history, the history of our Constitution. Our current administration is the basic framework of parliamentary democracy and the other, a constitutional monarchy. These two concepts are important. The Constitution is the basic administration of a written Constitution which refers to the Federal Constitution and the Constitution to another of the State . This Constitution is history, so it is not there. So we get back to base. Prior to independence, we have the Constitution, the Federal level is Federation of Malaya Agreement or the Federation of Malaya Agreement 1948.

Each state already have their own Constitution. So, if we discuss the current Constitution, we can not escape from the show the contents of the Constitution prior to independence, especially in terms of status and position of the Malay Rulers. I want to explain, before independence, there is the nine Malay states deepening King and two states do not have a king of Penang and Malacca. This is due to its status as the Straits Settlements or the Crown Colony of British colonies. Nine state called 'Protected States or the state is protected under the care of the English government.

This means that nine states, the rule of King or Sultan still there because it was not a colony. Under British rule, but the advice of the state government continued daily.There Chief Minister, secretary of government and the Legal Adviser and the Sultan. Sultan was there and sovereignty and dignity intact. British merely advisory only, but we have to follow the advice because there is an agreement with the British. Sultan sign an agreement with British security guard not to attack others because of the time, the Malay states without a strong army or police.

I want to explain, the rule of Kings already have when we negotiate to get independence by the British. It involves the material of the Malay Rulers, the British government and the people who represent a political party.

Cut a long story, if the Malay Rulers do not agree with independence, we can not be independent even if the British want for independence. This is due to the nine states the rights of Malay Rulers. Many do not know this fact, especially non-Malay race. They need to understand this fact. British Government to give conditions, where the Malay population without the consent of their rights, it does not want to give independence. If you do not want the British government granted independence, the British government to release all the land, and each can be independent of the Raja-Raja Brunei as happened to the release by the British. Federated Malay States shall be like that, but we do not like them, because we have a lot of people. Even good economic growth record of involvement and efforts of all people in the state.

Returning to the earlier history, it is the role of the King.It's the rule of the King. That is why the Constitution was articulated 1957 independence, have certain powers and have specific roles for the Royal Malay, because the state said. We can not say the King is symbolic only.Before we say they are symbolic, of course they will not agree. After it is established in the Constitution of the Council of Rulers, a head of state, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong is elected king by the Council of Rulers. Rulers were not symbolic, because there is a specific task. In the Federal Constitution, we guarantee the State Constitution is not affected by the Malay Rulers in every state. Articles 71 and 181 of the Constitution, for example, to guarantee the sovereignty and the Kings.

The existence of a constitutional monarchy and the royal institution is already clearly stated. The question is, what are the interests of the institution?

The important thing I see is the greatness, dignity and prerogatives of the Malay Rulers in every state guaranteed in the Constitution. This is all the influence, the perception of the people that the place of refuge is the sovereignty of the people of this.

Political institutions and the like can be changed, but the institution of monarchy is not changed. People's assume that the institution of the Rulers as the last place to complain if they have big things (the dispute) that occurred. King as an intermediary that does not favor any party.

This is not a king in this country alone, but also the same as in the rest of the United Kingdom is Queen. If viewed in the United Kingdom, there is no Constitution at all. But it is more the aspect of their customs and practices, which have been practiced since ages. People's view toward their queen. If there is a problem, the Queen plays a role. What the Queen said, everyone respected. That's in England.

Similarly, in Thailand, despite the influence of a powerful king in the Constitution does not mention the question of the king. Although not mentioned, people view the king as the last place to complain. Because it happened many times, the king had to intervene to resolve issues arising.

Explanation, the king of the Constitution are not subject to any written it, but also what is known as an act or practice which provides the authority. Which means that we can not set aside the aspects such as customs.

Another related to the king is the religion of Islam.Already generations, the Malay King is closely related to Islam. Malay is the basic rule of Islam. Therefore, when we gained independence, a matter highlighted by the Malay Rulers and the representative of the Malays, Islam should be the religion of the Federation. The official word is no reason from the outset and the once again, the religion of Islam as the basis for administration of the Malay Rulers. In the State Constitution has been there.

The second thing, the special rights of Malays, who are already in the Federation of Malaya Agreement 1948.During the consultation, there has not arisen a need to consult with anyone anymore and he brought it to the 1957 Constitution which seeks to ensure the existing Constitution. We just take it forward. This is basically and we have to understand.

I personally have much time to give lectures to all the people in our country. All people, regardless of Malay or other nations, should understand this fact. It also does not understand Malay. All must understand the history of Constitution. If still do not understand, we must understand the provisions of the Constitution. The reason that there is Article 153? Because that is the national language? The reason that Islam be the religion of the Federation? This is why, all things have fundamentally. It covers what has been written since she used to. What is already there in history hundreds of years ago.

So the rule of Kings is not a new thing and not be affected. It has affected over two years due to the Malayan Union in 1946 and 1947 as the Malayan Union, the British government to take over altogether, including the king and the government under it. Then, the Malays, led by Datuk Onn Jaafar, was outright opposition to the British agree to dissolution. After 1946, the sovereignty of the Rulers and Malay government returned and placed under contract in 1948. This is basically the lead in the Constitution in 1957.

Unfortunately, Princess Anis , we must acknowledge the fact that many institutions continue to dispute this. Still have not seen the actual role or importance of the Malay Rulers in the state government to create chaos like what happened now?

King really have an important role, a constitutional monarchy. One thing, the Constitution and the State have mentioned some of the power. There is mention of the Kings. In the Federal Constitution, Article 40, touching the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, while Article 48, refers the Council of Rulers. Was written. I think there are things state of King (at the Federal level) of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and Raja (state level) to carry out its duties in accordance with the advice given by the government in the Monarchy, the Cabinet Ministers at the Federal and State levels, the congregation Exco. This is known as a constitutional monarchy. Follow the advice of the king ruled the government and government representatives are elected by the people. The people speak through his representatives, to advise the King. Some question if the advice of the Cabinet and the King agreed not Exco, how? The answer, we have seen in practice or observance. The purpose of the Constitution and any other government in this world is to be administered fairly stable country and the people will benefit and there is harmony.

It is hoped that all the people and government so that the country's peace and harmony can be developed. If the state government's decision raises a major problem, wrong, I think people's expectations to the king and the king did not agree with such decisions.

Kings have to agree, but as a constitutional monarchy if it gave wrong results and the penal to the people, the Kings use discretion to help people. This can be done in consultation which the Council of Rulers and the Cabinet sat consultation. If the intention of both together to stabilize, pacify and to progress, except in the country and the communist dictator who ruled the other ... We in Malaysia practices parliamentary democracy which is the voice of the people. Voice of the people means that the majority of people agree with the decision.

This means creating the role of the Kings 'check and balance'. Government can not simply do what they like though, and bring forth iniquity. This is not written in any of the notes or the Constitution. This is a custom, practice and realistic. In Malaysia, our Constitution written, but still there is a dispute and arguments on the issue of the Constitution. That's because everyone, old, young, no matter what people have to understand the essence, the history of law and the Constitution. If not, difficult, and there talk in the coffee shop, fights and disputes arising back. Was embarrassed when in fact we just do not understand the facts.

For Princess Anis, how disputes about the Constitution can be overcome?

First we have to give education and clarification through various channels about the Constitution and the country's history. Before understanding the Constitution, we have to understand history. For example, Article 153 (Malay special rights), this diungkit and I have many hundreds of times to talk about it.

Not only was I a lecture and this is not my field actually , but what i know the more people should do so.We need to put the Constitution on the basis of early so they can understand, especially among other nations, China and India.

In fact, I was asked by the Chinese and Indian students in a lecture session at the University From Indonesia of Article 153 as they say, unfair. Chinese student said that he had 9A, while the Malays have friends 6A. He does not get his scholarship, but the Malays can get a scholarship. In this situation, for me, is not wrong to ask the question because he did not know the actual position.

So, I explained that Article 153 is created out of the Malays in education and the economy. So the government established quotas for the Malays. If there is no quota, the Malays will continue to retreat and possibly far behind.That'[s my knowledge eventhough i'm not lecturer or lawyer .

When these people do not understand Article 153, while it has existed since before independence once again.The intention is already there since 1948 again. For instance the quota system, since it is a bit more. Even when I entered university in the 1950s, I received by this quota system. Similarly, the issue of Malay reserve land that has existed since 1930 under British rule. The British said the Malays must have the land and have to create reserves. Otherwise, the Malays will have to live in the forest.

I know this because my draft was because at that time I've gone in many library around the world and found the artice of that .I like to study it .There are four sensitive issues that can not be questioned at any of the Malay Special Rights is enshrined in Article 157, second, citizenship, including the Malays can not be questioned owned Indian and Chinese nationality, third, position or status of the Malay Rulers and fourth of Malay as the national language (article 152). Why not be raised? It can not be raised as long there is not invented by anyone.Any where I go, this is often raised and I see it as political capital and carrying out assorted. They should be aware of this fact.

All this exists by two groups of people that only understand, but they accidentally use the self-interest, while another group, those who do not understand the Constitution but to use it. Both these groups are not useful.

We want a stable, sound mind and understand this all to stabilize the country. Politics is possible, anyone can be political, but political ideology. Politicians do not touch sensitive issues such as the Constitution.

How about the reasons some parties questioning the Constitution recognize that their actions are consistent policy of democracy as practiced in this country?

That's why I said earlier Constitutional Democracy. This means that we can speak, but must refer to human rights.Can speak, but conditionally. Those who use this excuse does not read out the Constitution because the Articles of Human Rights states everyone is free speech but do not have to comply with and breach of conditions can not be set as affecting national security-related matters, not touching the issue of racism and so on. Article 3, Freedom of Religion. It also specifies the conditions that Muslims can not be transferred to other religions.Democracy does not mean that we freely without any restrictions and limitations. For example, whether a person is naked in public, and we say that a democracy?

What steps can be taken the government to solve people's misunderstanding regarding the Constitution of this?

Actually many spoke government and the Constitution describes the country in mass media.However, I think the most effective way is to include the matters relating to the Constitution of syllabus education system. This means that the young people have to understand what is embodied in the Constitution. Nor we enter a difficult and complicated things that make it difficult. Enter the tree. Constitution of the country now has actually been practiced earlier thought leaders. I know about it as a legal adviser at the time. Previous leaders such as Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak Hussein, Tun Tan Siew Sin and Tun Sambanthan V when designing this effect on people already think. I know all of that for helping to write the draft.

How about the fact that the Malay rulers to state only for the Malays only. Whether this is accurate?

The people must understand that King is the national umbrella as well as the Sultan. This is not written in the Constitution but greatness, glory and the king is in the traditions and culture, so by itself have a certain influence which ordinary citizens can be protected from it. The people is not referring to the Malays, but also other races. So, not exactly claim that state only the Malay Rulers for the Malays.

There is no law, but if not implemented and enforcement will be weak. But the credibility of government will be questioned. Therefore the government should care about the enforcement and prevention measures as appropriate. So, things like this should be completed by early so that it can be overcome and do not spread to the norms of society.

Therefore, education is the most effective way to overcome this. Furthermore, Malaysia gains independence with a unique way without the bloodshed.Independence was achieved through consultation and from the history of the Malay heritage.

I believe the people now know that everything is made there from past history. Example of the Malayan Union, I believe the younger generation does not understand. In fact, even when I myself did not understand even been involved with the villagers to send a memorandum to the British in the Malayan Union objected to Kota Bharu.Generation after I did not feel it and they did not know there is a memorandum sent to the British at that time.

I'm really not sure everybody understands the history and the Constitution. In fact, those who know about the law as some lawyers do not even understand. I am confident that with good education, good economic conditions and government, and not just wrong, people need to be of sound mind and compromise so that we secure the country.

1 Malaysia, introduced the concept of the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak is the effort to see all the people in this country became united and peaceful country. I believe a good suggestion to see the people working together, respecting and not divided. In that case, we must inform all parties in accordance with the Constitution. 52 of the Constitution is now established, but the amendment is made to conform with the current situation.

Princess Anis spend time with siblings

Reading newspaper ( Abby )

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

When the blazing sun is gone,
When there's nothing he shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle, through the night.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

In the dark blue sky so deep
Through my curtains often peep
For you never close your eyes
Til the morning sun does rise
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are 

Caring younger child . In this pictures are Princess Anis and Princess Solfie Salsabilla

CINDERELLA alighted from her ornate coach, and the prince stepped forward to greet her. She curtsied gracefully, her extraordinary beauty captivating everyone at the ball.
The two stepsisters watched her dreamily. They were disappointed that the prince did not even save the last glance for them.
Cinderella beamed with quiet pride as she danced with the prince. She and the prince were both excellent dancers, executing great floor play. And they were finger-clickin’ good when they danced to flamenco music.
In her happiness, Cinderella completely forgot about the time. The clock chimed midnight, and she dashed from the hall. (Two hours later, she had an awful nightmare in which the clock said to her, “I wasn’t very hungry, otherwise I would have gone back four seconds!”)
The prince loved Cinderella to distraction. He searched the palace grounds for her, but she had disappeared into thin air. Finding a glass slipper, he asked his servant to take it to every household in the kingdom. “I shall marry the girl whose foot fits the slipper,” the royal bachelor declared.
The servant tackled the job with extreme alacrity. When he reached Cinderella’s stepmother’s cottage, the stepsisters tried many times to squeeze their big feet into the dainty slipper. They couldn’t get a fit – but the poor servant almost had one! “I should have brought along a laundry basket for the two of you,” he said, shaking his head.
“What for?” asked the stepsisters.
“For you to throw in the towel!” replied the servant.
All this while, Cinderella had been sitting quietly in a corner of the room. Luckily, the servant saw her and requested her to wear the slipper.
“It won’t fit you, Cinderella,” Stepsister One sneered. “You were not at the ball.”
“That’s right,” Stepsister Two said with a corroborative nod. “You’d better unhand the slipper.”
Ignoring her stepsisters, Cinderella slipped the slipper on her tiny foot, and the servant exclaimed, “A perfect fit! This testifies to your ownership of the slipper.”
Cinderella was soon at the palace. “I’m burning with love for you,” the prince said to her. “You didn’t tell me your name.”
“Don’t make a fuel of yourself,” Cinderella thought, and she replied, “I am called Cinderella, because I am always covered in cinders.”
“You’ll never be a footballer if you keep running away from the ball,” the prince said with a small laugh, “but you will be my queen next week when my father abdicates the throne and I become the new king.” And he imagined himself sitting on the throne, resplendent in an aquamarine silken reign coat.
“A footballer?” Cinderella thought with an amused look. “I had a pumpkin for a coach!” A gentle smile spread over her face as she said, partly to herself and partly to the prince, “Marriage – this word has a nice ring to it!”
She then poured her heart out to the prince. Shocked that she had endured the cruelty of her stepmother and stepsisters for many years, he asked her, “Do you want them to be punished condignly?”
“No,” Cinderella replied. “I forgive them, because I want to feel joy.”
“I second the emotion,” the prince said with a prepossessing pumpkin-size smile.
(Adapted from a fairy tale by Charles Perrault)

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