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Putri Anis and her business partner , Madam Ivy Tan

On September 24th , 2010, Putri Anis with her business partners have spent time in Billy Cafe, located in the city of Kota Bharu. They have tried many recipes from west that has become their favorite of all. In this conversation, Putri Anis has explained many interesting topics that makes all happy to hear that. Among the topics has been debated is the level of youth entrepreneurship program in particular young people who have no work. She intends to establish a community working together while helping the poor to improve living standards today. All projects have been arranged by her and wait for time to run. Putri Anis is a smart young lady and very open in every case. Although still young, but she is very experienced in all fields, especially in handling the problems of society in various regions. According to the experience of her business partners, Putri Anis sometimes very sensitive to people who are not serious in work and sensitive to the highly disciplined. She often practiced her principles of discipline and a deep faith. Until today she had not liked by some people as a good character but firm.

Putri Anis posing with her friend in Billy Cafe

Billy Cafe
Lot 462, Seksyen 8, Jalan Kebun Sultan
15350 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Contact Number: 09-743 3919

The day in evening

The Road of Success In Career By Sri Ratu Saadong Vii

Shall we ever previously thought why people who are successful in their careers may become rich, while the other half were not changed but will continue to decline and become increasingly poor?

For the win, we want to know what are the factors that cause them have been successful?

What really motivated to make them? How many hours they work? And what is holding them until they succeed in shaping a life different from others?

If observed, successful people have certain similarities in some features. One of the characteristics found in successful people is their manager is a good time.

They spend time at the office efficiently because they deliver their body and soul just to work. They love what they do.

Typically, the higher the rank of an employee, the more time they works, there are some up to 60 hours per week compared to 48 hours for regular employees. Some work started early in the morning and there was some work started immediately after the morning prayer. They use the clock to keep working.

They just need to sleep a short time compared to ordinary people who need 8 hours. Despite the short sleep, it does not affect human health because they are healthy and vibrant.

Another feature of the wise management of time including a positive attitude, ability to focus more on the matter of high non-trivial matter.

But there are some obstacles that always interfere with the effectiveness of the work, including disorders of socialization, a meeting can be avoided and prioritize the work of less importance.

For a smart executives, they know how to use time effectively. They just do something productive and focus on activities that have an interest and a high priority.

They will also ensure that all plans go smoothly and subordinate full duties efficiently. They also encourage their subordinates to carry out its own way as long as results are achieved. Manage your time well in leisure time has become an important feature of successful executives.

They are able to choose sports such as golf, jogging and tennis and there are also choosing to spend time with reading.

They are a lot of the time to write at the same time to manage the company will divide the time for both those purposes.

According to David James in his book 'smart working', those who succeed will be asking themselves what is expected of them by other people from thinking about technique or how to resolve a staff assignments.

They build personal strengths, as well as the strength of people working around them. If there is any problems or staff incompetence. They are more focused on the opportunities brought about and not spend the time to think about their problems.

By focusing on a major means finding the best conditions for optimum productivity. Arrange and hold preferences with doing the first major that we have time to focus on other tasks.

In this way it is easy for us to provide the bekualiti to a project that we do. Make effective decisions is another important feature.

Successful managers can make decisions quickly and stick to it. If the wrong decisions, they learn from mistakes and not waste time discussing it.

Characteristics of successful management

Failure to control; FOR foster success, it is important for us to capture the fear of all kinds of failure even though it only represents a small failure. By thinking 'Shall they accept my idea', is just a waste something of time . Better if the time is used to improve the idea.

Maintain peace of mind and always managed, properly manage daily tasks based on a list of tasks that we want to do. If we have a maid, and let our assistant managing chores such as opening letters or make phone calls.

Not recommended meeting; MANY executives do not like to meet because it takes a long time. Use the phone, email or meet informally with subordinates or employees, if there is something to be served.


Discusses the characteristics of excellent career

Features Ideal Career Affect Families

A superior man is easy to manage family affairs. It can plan educational matters, remuneration, social and family development with "Tarbiah Islamiah". It can carry out his duties as head of the family and at the same time or as a devout man of God who is always keeping relationship with God Almighty.

In a family, aspects of physical health are essential. This is because the mind and the spiritual welfare of a subject close to their physical well being. A strong believer is better than the weak. A healthy mind is born out of healthy bodies. Thus, the physical "Tarbiah" as demanded by Islamic law should be implemented in a regular basis. For instance, the choice of food must be clean, good and lawful source. Bad practices that can harm the body, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, abusing drugs, etc., should be avoided. If this provision is not complied with, the physical health will be affected and could adversely affect the mental, physical and spiritual.

Spiritual education also is an important aspect. It covers faith, the practice of sharia, the responsibility as a Muslim as well as mental and spiritual development. The head of the family is responsible for forming and educating family practice demands required by Islam. At the same time away from the things forbidden and disapproved. It also must ensure the authenticity of the faith of their family and clean of any form of blasphemy and erodes the soul of filth and disease through the practice and a steady and continuous training. 

Firman Allah swt:
"Successful indeed are (after receiving was warning) trying to keep himself (with obedience and good deeds) and breathe with his tongue and his heart will be the name of his Lord and pray (with humility)."
(Surah al-A'la: 14-15)

As mentioned common sense is very valuable to Human beings. Islam demands its followers to use the mind properly. Enjoin Muslims to seek knowledge that is useful and knowledge that will be disseminated through the teaching and development.

Along with the power of thought, moral education is very important. An ideal leader is a model of effective moral education in the family. It should guide the members of our family with Islamic morality based on the knowledge and experience available to them. The failure of some families to adopt Islamic morality largely due to the failure of the head of the family or their parents are not practicing good values as prescribed by Islam. That's why parents need to establish their superiority before such practices can be handed down to their children.

The head of the family can also regulate the question of economic and social life based on family values is good. It will have a sense of responsibility to improve the living standards of families with adopted an earnest in his career. He believes that the work was the seriousness of religious instruction to be discharged. Thus, it would bring his family out of the scope of poverty is one of the enemies of Islam that can lead to disbelief as the word of Allah's Messenger:
"Almost poverty that lead to disbelief."
(Narrated by Abu Naim)

Western style meal but Putri Anis love to eat Italian salad

Putri Anis soon be launching a book on young entrepreneurs. This book provides guidance to entrepreneurs on how to reap the profit when the deal and how to avoid losses. Among the interesting things discussed in this book as a business risk and what type, how to attract and bind unique products and more satisfied customers. This book is a guide for anyone who is interested and wants to become successful entrepreneurs.

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 Sri Ratu Saadong Vii

On 22 September 2010, Princess Anis attended the banquet feast held by the Office of the Takaful Insurance, Kota Bharu. Putri Anis also explains a bit about the importance of life insurance.
Sri Ratu Saadong Vii Opinion :

Certainly correct ''PROTECTION'' provide a satisfactory, especially for the future that can not be expected. Not only is the coverage for mental and emotional, but apparently involves a physical that requires little sacrifice in terms of funding. 

In the West, insurance plays an important role in community life. However, in this region, especially Malaysia, people often give different reasons for avoiding the insurance scheme offered. 

However, Putri Anis said, many women often think they do not need to buy insurance for the payment made a waste since a young age ..

"This kind of thinking needs to be changed, especially in today is full of challenges. Place a parable 'unlucky not smell' and 'prepare for a rainy day' is the best way to think. In addition, education is also important in providing knowledge about the importance of insurance for women.

"The study previously found that the cause of death among women in this country is heart disease, stroke and cancer. During 2002 alone, a total of more than 45,000 patients with cancer is detected and it was detected increased from five percent to 10 percent per year, or a population of 500,000 women with cancer of this country," she said .

She said that the probability of an attack or accident is not impossible as anything can happen.

In this regard, he said, it is desirable for women to make preparations in order to ensure the future of life is protected as soon as possible.

"We can not say no to chronic illness or is involved in an accident. Factors that should be erased from the minds of women, what treatment is available for certain cases such as chronic disease requires a high expenditure.

"At least to have insurance, more secure life because of health problems are also included in the coverage provided," she said.

Modern technology allows a person to receive better treatment, thus giving the opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life. 

However, such treatment typically costing high, especially if done outside the country. In fact, the treatment in this country are no less expensive after taking into account the cost of treatment, hospitalization and professional care. 

"Women of all ages are in need of an insurance scheme. Not only are protected if attacked by the disease, but an insurance scheme that is taken to correct has many advantages such as protecting medical costs, accidents, disability, death of her husband and others. 

"Insurance can protect them from paying the high cost of treatment not only for themselves but the family, especially for those who are already married. Moreover, while this study shows women's survival will be longer than men, "she said. 

Currently, there are various types of insurance were introduced exclusively for women. There is a tendency to health alone, there is also a more comprehensive, including involving the protection of life, including education.

Orange one of her favorite colour

The importance of Takaful Insurance
To provide protection to the family.
If something happens to you, the insurer will pay the death of your investments and savings to your family. Do not leave your family problems, such as loans and your debt
Pay your bill and the General Hospital family.
If you entered the hospital due to critical illness, fever or accident, you do not need to worried and depressed about the money needed to pay your hospital bills because the insurance will help you solve your bill. You only need to raise about RM300-1000 alone as compared with the large bill you.
Reward Money For Your Giving
Money will be given to you by check if you enter the ward more than 6 hours. If you take the allowance of RM150 a day hospital and you were in hospital for 5 days, you will be paid a total of 750.
Compensation Fund to give you.
Rm30000 such sum of (according to the amount you take) will be given to you if you are later found to be affected by one of 36 critical illnesses / paralysis, and also if you take exception features contribute, you no longer need to pay your monthly contributions.Furthermore, the insurance will help you pay your monthly premium.
Exemption for Child and Spouse Contribution

Spouse and your children do not have to pay contributions every month because the insurance will pay your monthly contributions if
You later found to be affected by one of 36 critical illnesses /paralysis or dead

Posing with her secretary

Economics is the cause of increased crime in our country. Puteri Anis said the crime situation in our country are becoming more common. Now a lot of elite housing to advertise that they have personal security, and more housing estates without facilities choosing to provide their own security guard at either entrance, patrolling, etc. Another way to provide some relief to their residents.

But what about the people of Malaysia that there is a choice? And even with such high control, it is still not perfect, and we are vulnerable to crime when it is outside.

How to solve it? Certainly not easy, but requires a comprehensive approach:

a) Strengthening the institutional and socio-institution community organizations such as families, places of worship, residents' associations to play a role in supporting the community to curb crime

b) To overcome the economic problems, particularly unemployment and poverty that contribute to the incidence of crime

c) Increase the stern punishment for serious crimes and for the prevention of crimes that involved the partner-triad

d) Increase the number of special police to combat crime

To introduce these measures require political is high. In situations where the Deputy Internal Security Minister and Chief of Police often recrimination about the involvement in corruption and crime, whether the Prime Minister dare to show strong leadership in resolving this problem? we just wait and see ...

In takaful insurance office 

Article by Sri Ratu Saadong Vii

There is no doubt the Islamic financial system that exists today is still a lot of different angles of the same weaknesses have gripped the financial world, the legal system is not ready and did not comply, the shareholders of Islamic banking 'is not compassionate,' so to pursue profits, and many more. 

From a long list, the only one to share in this short article related to operating systems that are difficult to change currency to produce the best Islamic financial system. 

Error control and currency regulations today are among the many experts from the Muslim and non-Muslims as one of the causes of the crisis for the downturn. 

World Finance Forum 2010 in Geneva recently, Chairman of the Monetary Union of Islamic Sharia Council Organisation (AAOIFI), who is also Vice President of Darul Uloom, Karachi, Sheikh Mufti Taqi Uthamni trying to share their views represent the vast majority of Muslim scholars and economists on the point system money. 

He tried to enlighten the leaders of developed countries to make radical changes if it wants to avoid a repeat of the 'invasion' of economic collapse in the future. 

One of the recommendations should be understood by all of us as Muslims. This is important because we can not expect the change only from the mind and hands of Western leaders, while we ourselves do not understand what should be done. 

Thus, in this occasion I would like to stress one thing. No intention to comment in depth about the gold currency and relevance in the modern world, there is actually a more fundamental issue than the issue. 

Without understanding, the gold dinar currency (if it can be implemented) will still fail in forming an Islamic economic system and stable. It must issue to restore the function of currency in Islam. 

RETURN FROM FUNCTION CURRENCY Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali from the past 900 years have confirmed the original function and the basis for the currency from Islamic perspective. He said: "The creation of dirhams and dinars (gold and silver currency) is really a blessing from Allah SWT. Both the fact that no special value that can be exploited by humans (such as eating and drinking). 

"But eventually all the people need it because all people need the value of a commodity (goods) in exchange for basic needs of food and clothes. For this reason, transactions involving the exchange of goods among one another is inevitable. 

"But the problem is, how to measure the value of an item and set the price? Thus, all items require an intermediate goods that can be a benchmark for value. 

"So why use the dinar and dirham. Both the precious metals will be the size of an item stated as both NOT BE OBJECTIVE sale and purchase, but it is only intermediate. 

"If both the OBJECTIVE, the entire financial system will DAMAGED AND UNINTERRUPTED. That's why God created them. Through the intermediary, exchange of goods needs to be goals and objectives of sale and purchase will be guaranteed justice. "From the description of Imam al-Ghazzali, a clear stance on the currency of Islamic economics does not think it was kind of gold, silver or fiat paper are: 

1. Currency should be only as an intermediary for the sale and purchase of the actual commodity itself, and it is NOT a commodity. 

2. Currency must be guided by the size of an item needs. 

Both the above conditions relate. Without one of them, it will fail to be a currency that is required by Islam. It also recognized the concept of right by economists around the world, especially among Muslim economists. 

Unfortunately, at the time these scholars suggest, and admit it, political leaders and financial tycoon and the main body of the financial world does not want to adopt the proposal as well as views. He is due to excessive greed of corporate and political parties involved. 

Consequently today, relied on foreign currencies other than the broker and the sale and purchase of materials, he himself is also used as COMMODITIES sale and purchase of goods. 

In easy language, its own currency and gold used as an objective in a sale-purchase transactions. It should only be an intermediary, but now functions to be abused and ultimately lead to sales of goods that they are not yet stable (fluctuate). 

This is supposed to impair its function as a backup or a measure of the value of other commodities. Relied on currency values should have an almost fixed value, not too many changes and moves. Only then inflation can be controlled, the sale and purchase become unstable and spread justice. 

But when today's currency as the commodity, its value is not regulated. In addition to seeing the value of paper currency, try to see also the value of gold today, is it not also fluctuate frequently? That's a sign that gold exists today mistreated by humans. 

For this reason, if we are busy these days wants to be a gold currency, but with an attitude considered as a commodity currency, gold and silver itself will fail to function as desired currency by Islam. 

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the success of the gold as currency can not be considered an economic success circumcise at all, but still far away. In fact, that more needs to be corrected is the attitude, understanding and world financial system today. 

The system of gold and silver currency was also not introduced by the Prophet, but it existed before the rise of the king. 

Islam adopted two precious metals such as currency and could only 'islamised' currency transactions when the conditions outlined by the king met. 

Thus, only non-gold currency to fight everything in an economy and finance. 

So do not think that there are Islamic financial system will only become truly Islamic, when the gold and silver as currency. That is not simple. 

In fact, the paper money is also an Islamic financial system can be achieved if the regulation and management of successful currency manipulated the right way, either way it was released, circulation, control and use. 

Sri Ratu Saadong Vii pictured with the CONSULTANT of takaful insurance, Dato' Agus Mohd Noor , wife  ,mother of Sri Ratu Saadong Vii, HRH Tengku Iskandar and team of Takaful Insurances 

Past , Present , Future

My past is full of trouble
My present is filled with wisdom
My future is very uncertain
Which way do i go
Who should i listen to
My past has answers
My present seek questions
My future uncertain
Who am i
Who are they
What do you want
My past
My Present
My future
My life
Yet i don't know my future
But i hope i thrive on what i have learned
And what i have learned is what will make me surrive

(Insurances is the best in life)

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Gambar eksklusif Putri Anis bersama pelakon drama Rashdan Baba

Sesi berfoto

Fokus bergambar

Pada 8 Syawal 1431 H , Putri Anis dikunjungi oleh pelakon drama Rashdan Baba ke kediaman rasminya di Kota Bharu , Kelantan . Dalam kunjungan kali ini bertepatan dengan menyambut Aidilfitri sesama saudara islam . Sempena dengan kunjungan hormat beliau , Putri Anis sempat menyajikan resipi laksa penang yang mana kuahnya diolah dari ikan dan campuran khas lain dan semua tetamu dapat menikmati juadah ini . Dalam pertemuan ini Rashdan baba sempat berkongsi pengalaman dalam bidang lakonan dan dia juga menceritakan telah menempuh banyak pengalaman yang berguna . Takziah juga kepada keluarga beliau di atas kematian adiknya pada bulan syawal baru-baru ini yang telah menghidap penyakit kanser hati dan tidak dapat diselamatkan lagi . Semoga tabah menghadapi hari-hari seterusnya .Selain itu juga aktiviti terbaru Rashdan adalah menjadi duta sebuah produk  kesihatan yang akan membawa manfaat kepada umum . Semoga berjaya hendaknya .

15 Februari 2008 : Utusan Malaysia

Kronisme Dalam Perfileman Malaysia?
Oleh Norliza Mohamad Zakaria
GAYA terbaru Rashdan Baba.

“BUKAN saya tidak mahu berlakon filem, tetapi sikap penggiat filem kita lebih bersifat kronisme. Mereka lebih suka panggil kroni-kroni sendiri untuk berlakon daripada mengajak orang lain.
“Ini yang membuatkan saya rasa kecewa dan terkilan. Sebab mereka tidak pernah cuba panggil orang lain. Lagi pun bukannya pelakon lain tidak berbakat dan gagal berlakon dengan baik.
Demikian luahan pelakon tampan, 
Rashdan Baba atau nama sebenarnya Muhamad Rashdan Abd. Halim, 38, terhadap industri perfileman Malaysia yang dilihat masih mempunyai sisi pincangnya.
Setelah hampir 12 tahun melibatkan diri dalam bidang seni (lakonan), namun beliau tidak mengecapi populariti yang hebat. Beliau sekadar bertahan sebagai pelakon yang agak kurang menonjol.
Rashdan mengambil contoh dirinya sendiri. Meskipun bukan pelakon yang terlalu sempurna, beliau telah menjiwai dan memegang pelbagai watak yang mencabar dan memerlukan penghayatan yang luar biasa.
“Contohnya saya sendiri, untuk mengatakan saya tidak pandai berlakon, rasanya sudah bermacam watak yang saya lakonkan termasuklah watak mak nyah dan juga orang gila. Lagipun, saya 12 tahun terlibat dalam dunia lakonan, adakah mungkin masih lagi dipertikaikan?
“Sebab itu kalau kita tengok saja filem tempatan sekarang, hanya muka yang sama sahaja berlakon. Kesannya ialah industri kita sendiri. Tidak berkembang langsung sebab walaupun ada pelakon yang berbakat, tetapi tidak diketengahkan hanya kerana sikap memilih kroni,’’ tambahnya.
Nama Rashdan Baba telah mula dikenali selepas membintangi sebuah drama bersiri berjudul Rosanita bersama Fauziah Ahmad Daud atau Ogy, yang ditayangkan di RTM1 sekitar 10 tahun lalu.
Selain Rosanita, drama lain yang dibintanginya termasuklah Jalinan Kasih dan Juwitaku Jamila. Dan, dalam tempoh 12 tahun terlibat dalam kerjaya seni, beliau hanya berlakon dalam dua filem iaitu Suami, Isteri dan... serta Raja Melewar.
Biarpun pernah berlakon filem, namun kelibat Rashdan lebih banyak tertumpu kepada lakonan drama televisyen.
Rashdan yang ditemui baru-baru ini menyatakan bahawa dia sememangnya ingin berlakon dalam lebih banyak filem. Bagaimana pun terpaksa melupakan hasratnya hanya kerana sikap penerbit dan penggiat industri perfileman itu sendiri.
Kaki bodek
“Mungkin juga sebab pelakon lain bukan yang jenis kaki bodek, sebab itu peluang untuk berlakon filem agak susah.
“Sekarang ini, saya fikir lebih baik saya duduk dalam industri menjadi salah seorang yang boleh menolak industri filem kita kehadapan,” katanya berterus-terang.
Kini, beliau telah pun bergelar pengarah urusan untuk sebuah syarikat produksi, 2nd Life Picture yang mula diterajuinya sejak awal Januari lalu.
Rashdan juga bakal berkerjasama dengan pengarah berpengalaman dari Rusia, Ingo Storm dalam mengarahkan filem pertama terbitan syarikatnya yang berbahasa Inggeris, berjudul Bill Kill.
Mungkin ramai yang tidak tahu bahawa pelakon ini pernah menghasilkan sebuah album duo bersama seorang lagi pelakon, Nor Zamshuri atau Zam (pelakon Skuad Elit), berjudul Qhalam Vision (QV).
Album berkonsepkan motivasi dan intelektual itu mula diedarkan pada pertengahan tahun 2005 oleh Suria Records (SRC).
Bagaimanapun, menurut Rashdan, kontrak dua tahun mereka bersama SRC telah pun tamat sekitar tahun 2006.
Kini, mereka merancang untuk mengedarkan semula album mereka dengan memberi nilai tambah yang lebih baik kepada album tersebut.
“Insya-Allah, dalam masa tiga bulan dari sekarang kami akan perbaharui kulit album QV dan mungkin akan membuat penambahan beberapa buah lagu lagi.
“Lagu-lagu album itu semua sama dengan yang dahulu, cuma kali ini kami akan bagi orang dengar single saya dulu. Selepas itu single dari Zam, dan kemudiannya lagu-lagu duet kami,” katanya.

Nama Penuh :Muhamad Rashdan Bin Abd Halim
Tempat Lahir :Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Bangsa :Melayu
Bahasa :Bahasa Melayu
Kerjaya :Pelakon
Kemahiran :Berlakon


Rombongan persaudaraan


Putri Anis , ayahanda dan bondanya sedang memperjelaskan masalah agama yang melanda masyarakat hari ini

Isu murtad menjadi masalah yang paling utama bagi sesebuah negara sekiranya negara itu sememangnya negara Islam. Untuk menyelesaikan kes murtad ini tidak boleh lari mengetahui hukum hakam berkaitan murtad.
Maka mempelajari perkara yang boleh membatalkan Islam seseorang adalah perlu supaya kita tidak terjerus ke kencah murtad dan dapat membantu mengislamkan mereka yang telah murtad.
Perlu diketahui bahawa diwajibkan ke atas setiap orang Islam menjaga akidahnya di dalam Islam dan melidungi dirinya dari apa-apa yang memusnahkan (merosakkan), membatalkan, dan memutuskan akidahnya, ini dinamakan sebagai keluar dari Islam iaitu Riddah (murtad) Imam an-Nawawi dan imam-imam yang lain pernah menyatakan:
"Murtad adalah jenis kekufuran yang paling dibenci."
Telah menjadi satu kebiasaan pada zaman ini dimana seseorang itu menuturkan perkataan-perkataan yang mana membawa dia keluar dari Islam, dirinya tidak menyangka dengan menuturkan perkataan-perkataan itu boleh menjadikannya kafir.
Maka terjadi kes-kes murtad yang dia tidak sedar bahawa dia telah pun murtad. Semua ini berlandaskan apa yang telah dikhabarkan oleh Rasulullah dalam hadith baginda:
"Sesungguhnya seseorang itu berkata ia dengan kalimat yang tidak disangkakannya membahaya yang mana menyebabkannya menjunam jatuh 70 tahun ke dalam neraka." (Riwayat Imam Tirmizi dan Sunan).
Ini juga bererti tidak semestinya dalam keadaan tenang sahaja seseorang itu akan menjadi murtad apabila menurturkan perkataan kufur. Bahkan di dalam keadaan marah pun seseorang itu akan jatuh murtad jika di menuturkan perkataan kufur.
Imam Nasafi pernah berkata yang bermaksud; "Jika seorang lelaki marah pada anaknya atau hambanya dan memukulnya dengan teruk, kemudian datang seorang yang lain bertanya kepadanya, "kenapa engkau melakukan ini? Tidakkah engkau seorang Islam? Dengan segaja dia menjawab, 'Tidak', maka dia telah menjadi murtad kerana tidak mengaku sebagai muslim". Ini juga telah dinyatakan oleh ulama dari mazhab Hanafi dan juga para ulama Islam yang lain.
Maka kita perlu menghindari umat Islam dari bahaya murtad yang tersebar dan menjaga serta menerapkan isi ilmu akidah Islam sebenar bagi merealisasikan pembentukan muslimah yang solehah.

Sri Ratu Saadong Vii bergambar hari raya bersama majlis tertinggi  MQTK / MQSB
Pada 12 September 2010 bersamaan 2 Syawal 1431 H , Sri Ratu Saadong Vii telah mengadakan jamuan rumah terbuka khas bagi menyambut kedatangan majlis tertinggi dan ahli tahfiz dari MQTK / MQSB sempena dengan salam persaudaraan antara mereka sesama ummat Islam dan juga jamuan meraikan hari raya . Berkesempatan dengan ini juga , hasil pertemuan yang mereka langsungkan membawa perkembangan positif yang mana usaha-usaha murni pertubuhan ini dalam memartabatkan orang Islam dalam erti kata mengenal Al-Quran adalah satu tanggungjawab yang mulia dan disokong penuh oleh Putri Anis dan keluarga besar Sri Ratu Saadong Vii . Selain dari itu mereka juga turut membahas akan permasalahan kejadian dunia yang berlaku pada hari ini dan kesan-kesannya kepada manusia . Betapa pentingnya umat Islam harus mempelajari maksud-maksud di dalam Quran agar tidak terpesong di dalam kehidupan ke hadapan . Pendidikan di awal usia harus diberi penekanan sebagai salah satu usaha yang mengembangkan minda mereka . Ibarat kata 'melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya' .

Antara penemuan dan fakta penting yang telah ditemui oleh pelbagai pakar, khususnya pakar kanak-kanak mengenai kepentingan pendidikan awal kanak-kanak ini ialah dari segi perkembangan potensi otak manusia pada peringkat kanak-kanak. Peringkat ini merupakan tahap yang paling penting untuk merangsang dan meningkatkan keupayaan otak dan minda agar menjadi lebih cekap dan bijak melalui pelbagai bentuk rangsangan. Salah seorang pakar yang banyak membuat kajian dan percubaan terhadap kecerdasan otak kanak-kanak, termasuk kanak-kanak cacat otak ialah Dr. Glenn Doman. Antara rumusan penting daripada kajiannya dan pakar-pakar yang lain ialah:
  1. Tiada ahli sains yang dapat mengalahkan kanak-kanak, dari segi semangat belajar, mengkaji, mencuba dan menyelidik.
    Kanak-kanak akan lebih gembira jika lebih banyak dan lebih cepat menerima pelajaran. Potensi kanak-kanak membaca sama sahaja dengan potensi bercakap.
  2. Kanak-kanak boleh bercakap dahulu kerana kanak-kanak lebih banyak menerima rangsangan pendengaran percakapan.
  3. Sekiranya ransangan mata dan telinga sama banyak diterima, pasti kanak-kanak akan dapat membaca juga pada masa kanak-kanak itu dapat bercakap. Walau bagaimanapun kaedah dan suasana pembelajaran yang sesuai diperlukan.
  4. IQ akan meningkat dengan pesat bila dirangsangkan dalam peringkat ini dan tidak berkesan lagi bila dirangsangkan selepas peringkat ini.
  5. Apa yang tidak diperolehinya semasa kecil, sangat sukar diperolehi apabila ia besar kelak.
  6. Pembelajaran pada masa akan datang juga terletak di atas apa yang didapatinya semasa kecil.
  7. Kajian menunjukkan bahawa kanak-kanak yang cacat otak (seperti akibat demam panas) masih boleh dirawati jika sel otaknya dirangsangkan sebelum umur persekolahan seperti yang dilakukan oleh pihak Nuri.
Berdasarkan pelbagai kajian pakar dan para ilmuan tersebut, amat penting sekali ibu bapa memastikan anak-anaknya mendapat pendidikan seawal mungkin, khususnya pelajaran al-Quran. Para ibu bapa juga hendaklah memahami proses pembelajaran simanja yang berkesan seperti melalui ransangan, belaian sentuhan dan sebagainya.
Interaksi antara ibu bapa dan anak juga merupakan faktor utama yang membantu melahirkan anak pintar serta berkebolehan membaca al-Quran seawal mungkin. Lebih awal ibu bapa berinteraksi dengan anak mereka, lebih bagus perkembangan si anak. Ramai anak yang cerdas dan pintar didapati mempunyai ibu bapa yang perihatin terhadap keperluan anak dan sering meluangkan masa untuk berinteraksi dengan mereka.

Sesi berfoto
Amalan zikir jamin puasa sempurna, dorong diri sentiasa berusaha untuk kebaikan
PUASA adalah urusan peribadi seorang hamba dengan Allah. Begitu rahsia sifatnya kerana tiada siapa yang tahu apakah seseorang itu benar-benar berpuasa atau dia hanya berpura-pura. Hanya Allah yang Maha Mengetahui.
Puasa juga berperanan membentuk kasih sayang dalam diri hamba kepada Allah. Ibadat yang istimewa itu berhasil mengajar kita mengenai rahsia ketundukan dan kesabaran di atas perintah-Nya.
Bukan senang mendapat pahala puasa yang dijanjikan Allah. Entah-entah ibadat puasa itu mungkin rosak oleh pengaruh persekitaran dipenuhi gangguan hawa nafsu yang bersekutu.
Ada beberapa tanda menunjukkan puasa seseorang itu cacat seperti dijelaskan melalui sabda Rasulullah SAW yang bermaksud: “Sesiapa yang tidak meninggalkan perkataan dusta dan perbuatan dusta maka Allah tidak berhajat kepada usahanya meninggalkan makan dan minum (puasanya).” (Hadis riwayat al-Bukhari)
Mengapakah Allah amat membenci lidah yang suka bermaksiat sehingga memberi amaran kepada orang yang berpuasa dengan amaran begitu keras? Tidak dinafikan jenayah lisan bukan hanya menjadi penyebab rosaknya puasa, tetapi ia juga menjadi sumber kerosakan segala ibadat.
Jenayah lisan juga menjadi racun yang mematikan kasih sayang dalam pergaulan sesama insan, menyuburkan benih dendam dan kebencian dalam persaudaraan. Apabila manusia terdedah kepada bahaya fitnah, saling mencela, berprasangka buruk atau menghina secara terang-terangan maka akan rosaklah kehidupan yang asalnya aman dan damai.
Justeru, strategi paling berkesan bagi menghindari maksiat lisan sudah diajar Baginda SAW melalui penyaksian Ummul Mukminin Aisyah yang berkata:
“Sesungguhnya Rasulullah sentiasa berzikir kepada Allah setiap saat.” (Hadis riwayat Muslim)
Alangkah eloknya apabila kita boleh memujuk diri dan membulatkan tekad untuk sentiasa berzikir seperti mana amalan Baginda SAW.
Walaupun tujuan sebenarnya ialah untuk menghadirkan Allah pada setiap perbuatan, supaya lurus segala amal zahir dan batin, amalan zikrullah juga diyakini boleh menyibukkan lidah dan hati sehingga keduanya tidak berpeluang melakukan maksiat.
Zikrullah menjamin puasa yang sempurna, hati hidup dan jasad sentiasa bergerak untuk kebaikan.
Selepas memahami tanda puasa yang cacat dan ubat mujarab untuk mengubatinya, seharusnya kita juga menggali kefahaman mengenai tanda puasa yang sempurna iaitu:
Ikhlas beramal secara sembunyi dan terang-terangan.
Setiap mukmin yang beramal ada kalanya terpaksa menghadapi bisikan hati yang ragu-ragu terhadap amalannya itu. Bisikan itu memujuk supaya menyembunyikan amal daripada pandangan manusia sebagai syarat keikhlasan.
Padahal fitrah manusia suka kepada pergaulan, saling mempengaruhi dan berhubungan satu sama lain.
Maka tidak menjadi kesalahan melakukan amal secara terang yang dilakukan berjemaah atau di hadapan khalayak ramai. Amal yang terang di hadapan orang lain tidaklah kecil kedudukannya di samping amalan tersembunyi.
Kesan dari melakukan amal secara terang amatlah baik untuk persekitaran kita. Bukankah amal itu boleh menjadi teladan untuk diambil peringatan?
Nyata silapnya pandangan mengenai amal yang dilakukan dengan terang-terangan kononnya dapat merosakkan niat. Sedangkan hadis Rasulullah SAW menjelaskan yang mafhumnya:
“Sesiapa yang menunjukkan kebaikan maka baginya pahala seperti pahala orang yang mengerjakannya.” (Hadis riwayat Muslim)
Tetapi hasutan syaitan tidak akan pernah menyerah untuk memperdaya manusia, dibisikkan ke dalam hati orang yang beramal secara terang-terangan itu mengenai bahaya riak supaya orang itu mengalami keraguan dan akhirnya langsung meninggalkan amal.
Cara ubati was-was yang dihembus syaitan seperti diterangkan al-Imam Fudail bin ‘Iyyad katanya: “Meninggalkan amal kerana manusia itu adalah riak. Beramal kerana manusia itu adalah syirik. Adapun ikhlas ialah Allah menyelamatkan kamu daripada keduanya.”
Reda dan gembira
Tanda puasa yang sempurna selain ikhlas kepada Allah ialah reda dan gembira. Tidak merasa berat melakukan ibadat bahkan merasa gembira dengan mengingat janji Allah kepada orang yang berpuasa.
Janji-janji Allah itu dikhabarkan Rasulullah SAW dalam hadis Baginda antaranya:
Pertama ialah pahala istimewa yang menjadi rahsia Allah disimpan untuk orang yang berpuasa. Sabda Baginda SAW yang bermaksud: “Allah berfirman:
Puasa itu untuk-Ku dan Aku sendiri yang akan membalasnya.” (Hadis riwayat al-Bukhari dan Muslim)
Janji Allah yang kedua, diampun segala dosa seperti sabda Rasulullah SAW yang bermaksud:
“Sesiapa yang berpuasa dengan keimanan dan keikhlasan maka akan diampunkan dosa-dosanya yang telah lalu.” (Hadis riwayat al-Bukhari dan Muslim)
Ketiga, dijauhkan dari api neraka. Nabi SAW bersabda yang bermaksud:
“Tidaklah seorang hamba yang mengerjakan puasa satu hari kerana Allah, melainkan Allah menjaga dirinya dari neraka sejauh perjalanan 70 tahun kerana puasanya yang sehari itu.” (Hadis riwayat al-Bukhari dan Muslim)
Keempat, imbalan tunai dan kesihatan jasmani. Sebelum pakar kesihatan mengkaji dan menemukan manfaat puasa,
Rasulullah SAW telah bersabda yang bermaksud: “Berpuasalah nescaya kamu akan sihat.” (Hadis riwayat al-Bukhari dan Muslim)
Kelima, doa yang tidak akan ditolak. Rasulullah SAW menegaskan dengan sabdanya yang bermaksud:
“Tiga orang yang doanya tidak akan ditolak; pemimpin adil, orang berpuasa sehingga dia berbuka dan orang yang teraniaya.” (Riwayat Ahmad, al-Nasai, al-Tirmizi dan Ibnu Majah)
Keenam ialah masuk syurga melalui Bab al-Rayyan. Rasulullah SAW bersabda yang maksudnya:
“Barang siapa yang termasuk golongan orang mengerjakan sembahyang maka ia akan dipanggil dari pintu solat.
Barang siapa termasuk golongan orang melakukan jihad, maka ia akan dipanggil dari pintu jihad. Barang siapa termasuk golongan orang yang berpuasa maka dia akan dipanggil dari pintu al-Rayyan.” (Hadis riwayat al-Bukhari dan Muslim)
Enam ganjaran tadi boleh menjadi pemacu ke arah kesempurnaan puasa. Saat menahan lapar dan dahaga, ketika menghidupkan malam dengan ibadat, membaca al-Quran pada siang hari, bersedekah, bekerja dan menuntut ilmu, ketika zikrullah tidak terlucut dari hati dan lisan, ingatlah enam ganjaran ini.
Puasa itu memberi kesan kepada keperibadian.
Selepas seseorang itu bersusah payah mengawal hawa nafsunya sepanjang Ramadan, tetapi ketika berakhirnya Ramadan dia kembali menjadi orang panas baran, tamak, rakus dan gelojoh maknanya puasanya itu tidak memberi kesan kepada keperibadiannya. Dia tidak mencapai matlamat ditetapkan al-Quran.
Hal ini dijelaskan firman Allah yang bermaksud: “Wahai orang beriman, diwajibkan atas kamu berpuasa seperti diwajibkan atas orang sebelum kamu supaya kamu bertakwa.”
(Surah al-Baqarah, ayat 183)
Matlamat akhir ibadat puasa ialah mendapatkan bekalan takwa yang cukup untuk menjalani hari-hari seterusnya. Maknanya pada Syawal pun kita masih merasai nikmat beribadah seperti dirasai pada bulan Ramadan.
Tetapi ramai melepaskan pakaian takwanya ketika memasuki Syawal dan seterusnya tenggelam mengikut arus kecuali orang yang diberi cahaya petunjuk Allah.
Berhasilkah puasa membentuk keperibadian? Hal ini bergantung kepada sejauh mana kesungguhan seseorang menghiasi diri dengan pakaian takwanya atau dia mengganti pakaiannya itu dengan fesyen tidak diredai Tuhannya. Aduhai, alangkah ruginya manusia itu di dunia dan akhirat.