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Beautiful morning

Words Of Loves By Sri Ratu Saadong Vii

Unfortunately most of all this love directed to the object of love so that there is worship of the object. Maybe we've heard stories that conjure "Sangkuriang" a valley into the lake as a slave to his love object is "Dayang SumbiI". Maybe we still argue that the legendary story . That's not true necessarily . However remember Taj Mahal is the beautiful presentation, she was just a lover of each span of the Taj Mahal, she mentions the name of love. But again it all goes to his love object. And that there is a bondage of love itself. Sometimes love really bring happiness, but more often it's heartache and pain .

Reflect on what the future is another challenge? 

Wonderful description by Princess Anis :

" I hear people say the world is not fair, we often cut the words to say everything that happened and we have learned to be patient. It is true, but if something happens on the disappointing and frustrating themselves, only then we realize saying words that are easy things to do. Hurm, maybe patience is the best, and this may be one of sacrifice. Experience alone, when giving advice, put themselves in that situation.

When performing a sacrifice, at first we thought, was a small sacrifice and common. When compared with others, why others are not doing the same thing, in other words do not make sacrifices like we did, but it has a good life or a better life. After that we will be thinking, why do we need to sacrifice it? Or this. This situation requires a response. And, for me, I may have discovered the answer, all the things that happen have learned. But I can answer only after I thought for a long time. Hurm ... world.

Maybe I am wrong in interpreting all of that and here I am, a normal human. For those who always have good luck in his life, "syukur alhamdulilah" and keep those obtained with the best. But, for those that are not so luck, be patient and remember one thing, something good comes from everything. The world is only temporary, while we are patient and pleased, a better life may await us in the Hereafter. This is a great sacrifice in our lives. "



I have so much sorrow
I really don’t care if there’ll be a tomorrow
I’m all alone in this abnormal world
I can’t see my life ahead because it’s such a blur
My sorrow is something normal in my life
I don’t care if I’ll be a wife or alone
I love my life but, I hate my life
I don’t care about what I do
I don’t care about trying something new
My whole life is based on sorrow
I never think about happiness
It’s all because I can do nothing else but stress
I hate the fact that my life is such a mess
I hate that word!!!

Guidelines Of Sri Ratu Saadong Vii :

Family love is the trust of every human.
Lovers of the family will not leave the house there disadvantages and evil predominates.
More children need role models and pattern of their parents from the sanctions and violence.
Our lives will change when the change starts with self, family and environment.
Crown of the aged are the tribes and respect children because their ancestors.
When all family members love each other, loving, and mutually give way, then the whole community will be good, peace and harmony.
Family harmony is the attitude of responsibility and the awakening of a healthy communication between family members.
Communication in the family will remain reserved for communication with God were intact.
Family close to God will become eligible families helped by Him in every affair.
Messenger, the most close to my place later on the Day of Judgement is the most good, and your best is the best for family.
Whoever troubles work to provide for his family, he is like a Mujahid conducted Allah.
Heritage expensive and the best of ourselves to the family, ethnicity, and society is the beauty of our character.
Allah loves those who always strive to improve themselves, their family and community.
Love the husband or wife with glorifying our parents and family.
How can we be to our children, so they will be us. So give them the best attitude
If Allah loves a family, the family of one of its features is the open heart to Islam.
Happiness of a family is not measured in terms of eye-thing, but the extent to which loyalty family of God.
Worship of a mother is the capital of the birth of good children who will be the stronghold of the parents come in the hereafter.

Kiss Sister

" Child's words often contain truth. Truth is usually painful. And often causes pain or suffering
that we are rooted in our conception of the misrepresentation of reality. The good news is knowing the truth will be very comforting. It can open our eyes to see things from new perspectives and new action to realize the experience we want. "(said Princess Anis)

Fifi and Arisha loving her sister , Princess Anis
Tips Beauty From Sri Ratu Saadong Vii :

To always look fresh, radiant and beautiful, Wash at least five times a day with water Wudu. Then take sajadah, prayers and chanting .

To eliminate stress, simply by increasing the prayers. During prayer, we move through the body. Then communication with the remembrance of God and prayer.

For moisturizers, preservatives so young, use a smile. Not only the lips but also in the liver. Do not forget the secret 'password', 'Kamma Allahuma Hassanta Khalqii Fahassin Khuluqii' .

To have beautiful lips, secret word of God, do not lie or offend other people, not proud or haughty. So that the body shape, smooth, regular diet with a fast two times a week, Monday and Thursday. If strong, fast ' Nabi Daud ' interval of one day. Eat halal food, a lot of vegetables, fruits, and plain water.

To develop themselves, spread peace and friendship I sincerely. This will all be known and loved

Family meeting

Khilafah countries that make the beliefs of Islam as the basis for the rule appears to be able to overcome the problem of poverty amongst its followers. It is not stating a specific concept and slogan but merely a long history of Muslims to prove that the solution really to realize that when they live under the Caliphate of Islam adopted by Daulah. In the Book essay Amwaal Abu Ubaidah, told that the Caliph Umar bin Khathab I said to divide the officer in charge of charity "If you give charity it let be enough" and further said, "Give alms even though they were one of them a hundred camels. He also married a Muslim nation can not afford; pay their debts and to provide capital to farmers so they do land ".Obviously Umar applied political economy which guarantees the fulfillment of basic needs of its people.This situation continued until the Serra Umayah under the reign of Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz. At that time people have reached the standard of living where they do not need the property anymore. Even when officers called one of the citizens who live poor or orphaned children who need help even the young men who want to get married and need help, it appears no one came to meet the call for all of them have enough peace and its requirements.

"O Muslims, Yea, a country as rich as any of the natural resources and abundant full property, but if the system is applied not spurred the Islamic faith, as long as that is the problem of poverty and the endless variety of problems.Capitalism is the system that must be applied at the full disposal of the system of regulating human life as though the country's abundant wealth, will only those who live in it constantly plagued the poverty and pain. Firman Allah SWT:"Whoever turns away from reminding you, his livelihood is narrow and we will be mixing it at the last day in the blind." [TMQ Thaha (20): 124]

(Explaination Of Sri Ratu Saadong Vii about the way of Islam to all non-muslims members)

If i were a princess

I looked up in the bright blue sky
Wondering if love really exists
Then I thought that...
If I were a princess I wouldn't be alone
If I were a princess I would be in love with a handsome prince
If I were a princess I would be inside a fairytale
If I was a princess I would have my happily ever after
If I was a princess my dreams would be real
If I were a princess magic would make my problems hide away
If I were a princess my daddy would make me a queen
If I were a princess I would have golden hair and sea blue eyes
If I was a princess my skin would feel like velvet
If I were a princess I'd be away from this world
If I were a princess my life would be based on a story
If I were a princess...
I would like a bird

A Story of Struggle
Mu'az bin Ammar bin Jamooh and Mu'az bin Afra is among young people who follow the latter to fight the battle of Badr. They had hoped to kill Abu Jahl but they did not know Abu Jahl.

In the middle of battle, the two teenagers struggle to plot-die. "I'll kill Abu Jahl, the enemy of Islam is the curse of Allah!", Said Amar bi Mu'az with enthusiasm.

"Yes I will be with you to kill Abu Jahl the enemy of Muhammad., Promises Mu'az bin Afra friend.

"If so let us look at the Abu Jahl. We are united force kill the evil enemy of Allah. Let us ask him, maybe he knows who and where Abu Jahl", said Amar bin Mu'az to his companion.

They approached Abdul Rahman bin Auf who is struggling, and holding his hand: "brother, do you know where Abu Jahl. Abu Jahl heel is hurt and incite people against the prophet and messenger of God." I swear by Allah, if I saw Abu Jahl, I'll kill him, even if I am killed! ", said Ammar bin Mua'z.

Abdul Rahman bin 'Auf was stunned listening to the words of courage that comes from the mouth Mu'az bin Ammar is still so young, when Abu Jahl one experienced in war.

Suddenly Mu'az bin Afra is holding the hands of Abdul Rahman and say words that are similar.

The second youth was not shifted from their dream. They say with great courage: "We do not fear no matter how hard that Abu Jahl, however there controlled, Abu Jahl we must die or are killed. We rather die than let the enemies of Islam remained in power and inciting others from receiving the light of Islamic guidance. We rather be a martyr in the cause of Allah

(Recalls the story of History)

Princess Anis with  her mother and siblings , Fifi and Arisha

When A Mother Cries

When a mother cries,
Her tears stab at her daughter's heart ,
As they plummet to the floor ,
When a mother cries ,
Her daughter cries too ,
She cries because she does not know what is wrong ,
She cries because she can’t get rid of her mother’s pain ,
She cries most of all because she loves her mother ,
When a daughter cries because her mother cries ,
Her mother cries more,
She cries because her pain has hurt her daughter
She cries because she dors not want to see her daughter cry because of her,
She cries most of all,
Because she loves her daughter
Once the tears have cased however,
What remains is love,
The love forever shared between a mother and a daughter.
(Dedicated To Bonda Fauziah)

How sad to see this day when people are willing to children abused, but let the wounded hearts of parents when the requirements are not met or due to the good advice given.

A child who rebelled against their parents because of lost faith in the value of self-control and suggestions of sexual life. The pressures of life today makes family relationships more distant and more fragile family.

However, whatever the challenge, is not grounds for denying the rights of parents or allow the child to forget the responsibility of their parents. There are times, parents do not need money, but given enough attention to their children.

Children who disobey his mother will face many problems while living in the world and the hereafter. In addition, rebel parents disobeyed God means.

Abdullah Amr, the Prophet said, which means: "Allah's pleasure from the pleasure of their parents and obey God than the wrath of parents." (Hadith narrated by Tarmizi .

Four siblings

The 24th star 
Pretty face make up in space
Cold dry dusty road 
Snake through the true dragon 
Pigeon birds separated from their nest 
To her friends she said: 

Everything will be OK. Definitely something wrong. 
Lamented the state of nothing.

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