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Three Siblings

Throughout this chapter, Sri Ratu Saadong VII has diversified collections of clothes to wear during an open house party for seven days. As a fashion designer who loves the fashion world, Princess Anis very happy when she can chart every design created by her. Similarly, her siblings who like kebaya.

A Kebaya or more correctly 'kain-kebaya is a traditional blouse-dress combination worn by women in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Burma, Singapore, and some parts of Cambodia.

It sometimes made from sheer material . There are variations to this dress. But this costume is more "modern" and is more body hugging and worn either short - up to the waist - or longer down above the knee. And it is worn or complemented with a sarong, usually of batik or songket, or other traditional women garment such as ikat,songket with a colourful motif although other fabrics with plain and colorful designs are also popular.

Our teenagers are more prefer to wear baju kebaya than baju kurung because it makes them look more traditional and at the same time it can protect their country heritage which is kebaya from extinction.

In addition, when we are wearing baju kebaya it shows a symbol of Malay ladies that full of gentleness, humble and polite. Nowadays, in market we can found a lot of baju kebaya with an affordable price so we can afford to buy it.

Sri Ratu Saadong Vii with her mother

Malay Dressing - Women:Malay Dressing - Women Baju Kebarung It is said that the baju kebarung is a combination of the baju kebaya and the baju kurung. Baju kebarung is like the kebaya but it is loose like baju kurung, which is why it is called baju kebarung. The Baju kebarung is actually not one of the traditional clothes of the Malay community but it is being produced presently to satisfy the Malay community. The designs and the choice of colours show the identity of the person. Colours that are bright like yellow, light blue, red and etc and designed with big flowers have become favourites.

Princess Anis very pretty in red colour


Red describes my anger, 
But also my pain.
It can describe my attitude, 
And especially my eyes.
Because everytime i'm happy, 
My eyes are red from laughing until i cry.
When i'm angry, 
My eyes turn red with rage.
But when my eyes are red from pain, 
It's with blood

Gather with friends

A Friend 

A friend will be there to help you when you fall, 
A friend is always there when you give them a call, 
A friend will be true if they will make you feel better, 
A friend who is far away will always write you a letter, 
A friend is someone who is always honest and true, 
A friend is someone who will always will fill you in on what’s new, 
A friend is someone you can always trust, 
A friend will tell you when your in love with a boy or just in lust, 
A friend will always love you on who you are, 
A friend is always there for you no matter how far, 
Friend I will always love you! 
I hope you will too! 

Both are beautiful

Everyone is beautiful

Everyone is beautiful, 
in their own special way
Everyone is beautiful, 
no one else has a say
Everyone is beautiful, 
no one deserves to disagree
Everyone is beautiful, 
all of us, you and me
Everyone is beautiful, 
every shape, size and colour
Everyone is beautiful, 
don't listen to what the others have to say
Everyone is beautiful.
Dato Agus Mohd Nor with Princess Anis at house

This House

This old house has seen the sunshine
of many different years.
This old house has seen some happiness
This old house has seen some tears. This old house now seems so
Since you left with last
The smiles and talk, the
happy laughs
Echo above the lonely sighs whether leaves are green in springtime
snow leaves lightly on the ground
This old house will hold the
Of all the old families sounds

Talking about the current issue

The Opinion about children without father

Mother without wedlock refers to women who give birth to children without marriage, whether sexsual relationship with the couple, like the love or raped. Social issues has become a big issue and problem to the formation of the next generation of society. Not only problems to the mother but the children born without fathers. This will bring more social problems will arise. 

The capital itself would suffer trauma, depression and disturbed thinking , if not the mother and help take the following steps to parents to realize and recognize the above error may occur and it will continue to happen again. To the baby that would live without father called legitimate or illegitimate children. However, if the adoptive families who take in foster children may have different living conditions of the baby. 

The question is why the problem of the mother without marriage, may appear and there are people among us who are the majority Muslim Malays. Where is the loss of Asian values and traditions of the east decency that babies born without a father. If in the West this may be a normal, because western allows couples living together without marriage and childbearing. 
In my opinion this issue if not eradicated in the fullest by all individuals, families, community leaders and the authorities it will be more severe and difficult dikawalnya. The main cause of the occurrence of the issue is that the collapse factor of the family institution, the lack of religious education, free social intercourse, pornographic materials, and individuals who have weak minds and lack of knowledge of education. 

In conclusion, the mother without marriage is a big issue and should be eradicated so that we can produce a generation of excellence in the developing countries. Life and develop the institutions of excellence and a great family. We may be likened to a family is a state to be governed by the father, mother and child by the wise and good, then only beings capable of producing excellent and the children are able to act wisely in any walk of life. 

Farra Arisha - beautiful styling clothes designed by her sister , Sri Ratu Saadong Vii

Tips Fashion Of Sri Ratu Saadong Vii

Every woman always want to look beautiful and perfect. To show appearance, they tend to be the first to follow style trends. Unfortunately, there is some sense that the offense may not be noticed, but they often do. Error in this sense can be seen clearly and can damage the appearance. The following 10 registers errors tend to sense that women often do:

1. Dress that is too loose. It's kind of fast and loose clothing, but there were and are not going to be. One loose fast fashion model applied in this summer Bubble skirt. These dresses will look fabulous when paired with a tight top and large belt. However, if your t-shirt size large in length or knee boarding baggy trousers, surely this is a blunder. Susai clothes with your body size, will look more beautiful.

2. Imposing red and green at the same time. Honestly, you will look like Christmas tree. Red and green are two colors you should avoid its use at the same time. The colors will look each other in appearance bertabrakan you.

3. Dirty shoes. Just a shame really. Please note that there are some who rate the cleanliness of the first view of the shoe is worn.

4. Short skirts and short dresses. If you want to impose mini skirts, short dresses avoid choosing the matches. Similarly, in turn, was wearing jeans shorts if you want to impose a short dress. In addition, you will feel uncomfortable, you will look more painful to wear.

5. Avoid using excessive jewelry. A pair of earrings, a necklace, some rings plus a brooch, it will look over to your appearance. If you do not want to look like jewelry walk, make your presence sesimpel possible. Seuntai necklace and a pair of earrings is just sweeten appearance. Or if you want to charge a pair of large earrings and long, simply add a ring or bracelet but never with long necklace. More jewelry worn, carefully stuck.

6. Impose a dress that does not fit with your body. Not too oblige themselves to follow the trend, because some of us do not have a body like a model and not all fashion trends fit in your body. For example, if you do not have a good leg, should not use the mini skirt which is currently the trend. Be very careful with what you choose.

7. More than one pattern. Avoid imposing too many clothes and more than one pattern. If you select motivated clothing top interest, but do not have memadukannya the pants of the boxes or the like. Earned only show a pattern or motif in appearance. Pants of the boxes will appear compatible when matched with a top color. Or rather, motivated fashion flowers, simply paired with jeans pants. Appearance of the medium will look more attractive.

8. Tight clothes are not for everyone. As previously communicated, not all fashion trends suitable for everyone. Most people should avoid certain trends. One of the trends such as legging tights. These pants will look sticky or patch on the skin and show the form of your foot. So, if you do not have a leg so beautiful, never applying. These pants will always look perfect when combined with a relatively loose dress top, but for your own good avoid this error if it does not suit your body shape.

9. The selection of underwear. It is important to note. When you use the pants or skirt from used relatively thin white or colored, should not use regular underwear, but choose Thong. Alternatively choose underwear in white or nude colored.

10. Combination shoes with the dress. Convenience is a major consideration in selecting the type of footwear. Most people like memadukan sneakers with jeans skirt. As long as not too often applying every opportunity, the appearance would not be problematic. But once the time necessary also to make changes, so do not look boring and monoton. Try pairing your jeans skirt or pants with a pair of wedges or high Heels. This contact will make you look classic and sexy look. However, never mix gown with sneakers.

Farhanis Shafifi in blue dress

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