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Penganugerahan Kujang dari team Taman Budaya Jawa Barat menandakan Putri Anis merupakan sebahagian dari keturunan Padjajaran yang akan terlibat secara aktif dalam usaha memperkenalkan Nusantara Golden Age

Kujang yang hanya dipakai oleh bangsawan Padjajaran 

Acara Penggelaran Mac , 2010

Acara sukses di Bandung . Bersama Dr Ottih Rostoyati

Foto bersama Profesor-profesor  dari Bandung

RTPA memberi pengenalan berkenaan Nusantara Goden Age yang dimaksudkan .


Good Evening to all people here , today i would give you a speech about Nusantara Golden Age . First off all i would like to thank to Mr . Setiajaya Satria Rashidi and the team of Taman Budaya , West Java for inviting me in this event along with professors from various universities in Bandung .All your cooperation is highly appreciated .
Considering all the facts available, revealed that there is a strong movement toward Islam in many countries, and Islam is becoming an increasingly important subject of the world. This development shows that the world moves toward an entirely new era, a period where God wants, Islam will get the materials and the moral teachings of the Quran.It is important to understand, very important progress has been good news in the Koran 14 centuries ago.They want to extinguish the light (religion) of Allah with their mouths (speaking) for them, and Allah does not need another to complete his light, even those who do not love the disbelievers.It is He who has sent His Messenger (with) guidance (Quran) and the religion of truth to proclaim it over all his religion, even though the Pagans did not like. (QS. At Touba, 9: 32-33). The spread of Islamic morality is one of God's promise to those who believe. In addition to these verses, Hadith the prophet said that a lot of our moral teachings of the Quran will cover the world. In the final moments at the end of the world, a lots of humanity will experience a time in which the tyranny, injustice, falsehood, dishonesty, war, hostilities, strife, and moral error. Then will come the Golden Age, in which the main character of this effect is widespread among those who like star ocean water waves brilian and eventually throughout the world. A number of hadiths, and comments from the hadith scholars, will be shown as follows:
1.      Occupier of the heavens and the earth will be pleased. Earth would produce all that grows, and the heavens will pour rain in a total of abundance. Because all the good that God shed on earth, those who are still alive hope that those who have died will live again. (Muhkhtasar ethics Qurtubi, p. 437)

2.      The Earth will change as the silver tray of plants grow . (Sunan Ibn Majah)

3.      Earth will be covered by equality and justice, as previously covered by the oppression and tyranny. (Abu Dawud) .

4.    The justice will be so successful up-until all the property seized will be returned to its owner; more distant, something that belongs to others will be returned to the owners.Security covering the whole Earth and even some women can perform Hajj without male (Ibn Hajar al Haitsami: AlQawlul Mukhtasar fi `Alamatul Mahdi al Muntazar, p. 23)

Based on the above statements, the Golden Age will be a time in which justice, prosperity, peace, security,and brotherhood will dominate the lives of people, and is a time where people feel the love, sacrifice yourself, open the chest, love, and loyalty. In the hadith our Prophet SAW said that the time it will be blessed through the mediation of Imam Mahdi, who will come in the last day to save the world from chaos, injustice, and moral collapse. It will destroy the belief that God does not recognize and stop the tyranny that rules the world.In addition, it will cause in the time we saw him, making the leading character of the Holy Qur'an including human beings, and the cause of peace and spread prosperity through out the world. The rise of Islam that is being experienced in the world today, and the new era are important signs that the time  of the Holy Qur'an and the hadith . We hope that God will allow us see the full blessings of this to that end, to go back in time, which meant that i already want to return to the archipelago, the country will fill the earth with the good without evil. I have studied many areas, especially the history of world civilization and as a result of that i want to explore further in order to realize the expectations of our ancestors, because i think i was born in earth Nusantara. One of the Nusantara progress for the new millennium is the idea of setting up a leading global level focusing on issues related to economics, politics, unity, social, agricultural and others deemed appropriate to share with the community on this day. It will be a clear role in confronting the issue of humanity as was mentioned. I intend to establish a goal of successfully Nusantara foundation are as follows integrating all the kings, sultans, noble Nusantara, community leaders, members of the culture and history to enable them to propose, plan, assist and perform various activities related to.
1.    Collect special fund to help people especially the poor, regardless of country, color, religion and whatever their beliefs.
2.    Showcase to the community in each cluster together in any event, and assistance will be delivered to the needy.
3.    Serves as a liaison between the countries concerned through diplomatic means in the event of any crisis that not tackled through political means.
4.    To make the role of kings and sultans Nusantara in a place as the leader of the people inhabiting the country.
5.    To establish a fair economic rules, fair, transparent and strategic.
6.    Uphold the tradition Nusantara sultanate through the global and defend it as a legacy that will last.
I had hoped to develop education for the public , to know that how important education in the development of a nation. In this Communities in the west has been far more advanced because their education has been far ahead than us in the Nusantara region. Our failure may be due to a number of other obstacles to our own weaknesses are made up of life factors new century it will become the benchmark for pride or success of each country backward. Recognizing the fact ,i will play through the successful foundation of Nusantara that will focus on education. It is certainly a dream to see our children get the facilities, opportunities and the ability to generate excellent. Through this foundation will serve to assist, plan and implement the best methods for students, particularly poor and they will get a better education because of poverty is often an obstacle for success. Which means they are not just not smart, but the limited space and the opportunity have blocks them to succeed. The method may be designed by local properties or relations between the countries in the Nusantara region, including seminars, conventions and educational workshops/campaigns . Establishment of educational centers to the poor may be a catalyst for a concerted movement to ensure that every citizen in the Nusantara region achieved the same rights and opportunities. Also discussed and considered appropriate to assist those who had been in the ivory tower because this group is sometimes confronted with cases and problems. There should be a form of educational support to those concerned, and i always think to focus on this foundation to ensure that education becomes the main issue and should be given attention and consideration without further compromise. Ibnu Sina was expanding knowledge of medicine and psychology in a few meetings in the knowledge that is known today as the medical knowledge psikosomatics "psychosomatic medicine." He expanded the knowledge of diagnosis through the heart (pulse diagnosis) to identify within a few seconds only non - humor appropriate balance. Diagnosis through the heart of this is done by the judges (Muslim doctors) in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Persian use of medical knowledge Greece. A natural doctor from the U.S. (1981) reported that the judges in Afghanistan, China, India and Persia is very capable in the heart of the place but the quality is felt in various fields. This indicates he is a knowledgeable and well educated to qualify himself as a known in the world.
In addition , i see politics also has long been an asset determines the success of the development of a country and what i dream of the golden age is empowering a country to become a political state that will tie up a lot of confidence, especially health-related investments. Political means has linkages with many things, whether educational, economic, and so on. Based on past history there are issues that have failed to properly resolved between countries although sometimes it looks very small and light but also have the issues reflected by the confusion triggered only by Neither party is responsible to produce erections. Here are important to me to role of foundations to be built in through the golden age of politics. In the context of the sultanate, the political Nusantara also able to contribute in many branches. We are aware of the fact that political problems are sometimes difficult to be resolved through political means is party. This is because the nature of politics in other countries different each other. I suggest following the establishment of this idea, let us open up new ideas and offer a method that is able to convey political messages, diplomatic act in the context of the sultanate Nusantara particularly relevant to the issue and failed to be resolved the relationship between the government to government. Like other sectors, the establishment will be a conference organizer to the political and regular sessions in order to disclose the collaboration between the countries. Shura was introduced by the Prophet s.a.w. and then continued by the Ahl 'ar-Rashidin after his death. Order implementing the Shura in the affairs of politics and government have been mentioned by Allah swt through sentence “And consult them in affairs (of war and worldly matters) it. Then when you are resolved (after a meet to do something) then put your trust in Allah. Truly Allah loves those who trust in him. "(Surah Ali-Imran 3:159)”.Shura is one of the basic principles of management and administrative implemented in the management of an Islamic state in the past. This is because, it is a the commands of Allah as contained in the Qur'an was revealed to He's about 1400 years ago. Shura is a mandatory practiced by a leader and manager. In conclusion, i hope that countries in the region to ensure the success of the archipelago, through the golden age of political-oriented features that govern the time of the Prophet and beautify any business conducted. Improve / enhance the prestige of being the lead them to a safe in the world and the hereafter. Art of governance and administration involving the activities of internal and foreign policy.
In Islamic history, economic welfare has existed since the time of the Prophet again and at that treasury and economic welfare could not be stay away.This is as treasury acts as a medium (medium) setting up the economic welfare of the Islamic country.Although baitimal officially occurred at the time of Umar Al-khatab but efforts towards this direction have been started since the time of the Prophet. Source of national income in this period focused on the war, such as property files' or gained through the peace agreement, such as tax and tribute charity. The accumulated wealth of the collection of earlier sources, continues to be divided into a Muslim according to the eight recipients. However, during that time, there are specific ways to administer the national treasury and growing more widespread. Despite this, at that time there were certain ways of administering the flag state treasury is increasing more and wider. In an effort to coordinate the administration and tightening financial oversight, the Prophet delegated power to some areas and put the officers to serve in each district. These districts are under the supervision of the city of Medina to the government center is located directly under the control of Allah's own. Development of the financial system increased during the reign of al-Mahdi in 158 AH. Several new rules are made and enforced. Department of Accountant General (Al-Zimam) established to control the collection of revenue and expenditure accounts for each department. Followed by the reign of Harun al-Rashid in the year 170 AH, the National Treasury on the rise. Increasing prosperity and population increase in popularity. According to al-Imam al-Tabari, after Harun al-Rashid's death, the property Baitul-Mal has reached a total of 900 million dirhams. As a note, 10 at the time of the gold dinar equals 100 dirhams of silver. Prices of essential goods are very cheap when compared with the present. According to the study of history, the price of a goat when it is grown only one dirham. Assuming a mature goat is worth 200 dirhams (595gram) or 20 dinars of gold (85 grams) at the rate of “zakat” parts gold and silver currency, meaning that the Islamic state treasury when it has reached 180 billion. On that basis i am excited to lead the field of economy as one of the plans in a golden age that will be repeated again in the archipelago as the opinions of prominent scholars. Among the aims of this field is set to increase employment rates enough to reduce current unemployment levels and eventually achieve full employment. Apart from that principle is to increase productivity and income of those who engage in activities that provide lower returns and in rural areas by increasing the opportunity to add skills, land, capital and other resources eventually reduce the use of low energy. Expand opportunities for those involved in less productive activities to move to the activities more productive, such as agriculture, forestry, fisheries, mining, construction, transportation, manufacturing, trade and industry. In addition, i hope in this period will reduce the unbalanced distribution of income between income classes and races and modernization of rural life and improve living conditions in poor urban areas through the provision of social services much like public housing, electricity, water supply, transport, health and medical, recreational and social facilities. Through the establishment of this foundation, i'm happy to encourage the creation of commercial and industrial community that within a generation .They will own and manage at least 30% commercial and industrial activities in all categories and sizes of operations. I also hope that at this time to determine that employment in all sectors of the economy and employment levels reflected the ethnic composition and increasing educational facilities and training facilities of other social and physical infrastructure to support the achievement of national objectives that are indicated. Thus the network will be seen “Sultanate Festival” grand moment in the future will be able to play to help ensure the success of this economic agenda because it is actually intended to protect every citizen in their country.
Along with the passing of '’Green Revolution'', agricultural activities expanded rapidly in the golden era of Islam. This is to encourage the attention and interest from Muslim scholars to develop the agricultural sector as the main source of Islamic economy. Moreover, the present development in the agricultural sector, attention and support from the Islamic authorities. Economy in the Muslim world more firm supported the development of the agricultural sector. This is what makes agriculture an important part of power and success of Islam in the gold. To strengthen and further develop the agriculture sector, scientists have developed various policies in the agricultural knowledge ('Ilm alfilaha). One of the important agricultural books and appeared in the golden era of Islam is the book Al-Filaha Ibn Al-Nabatiyyakarya Wahsyiyya. Book written by experts in the field of agriculture Muslims in Iraq, 904 M. Ibn Wahsiyya writing guide books to farm module is driven by his love of agriculture. It is seen traditionally agricultural people Nabatiya in Mesopotamia. D Fairchild Ruggles in his book entitled Islamic Gardes and Landscapes explains Scripture Filaha Al-Nabatiyya full of agricultural indicators. Inside fully and clearly explained the procedure to farm, irigasi techniques, plants, fertilisasi, kultivasi, and more on agriculture. Agriculture in the Indonesian Archipelago shoreline the age 21 must be gazed at as a sector of economics that in line with the other sector. This sector might not again only played a role as the supporting actor moreover for the national development like uptil now was treated, but must become the main actor that in line with the sector of the industry. Because of that the sector of agriculture must become the modern, efficient and competitive sector, and might not be gazed at only as the safety-valve to accommodate manpower was not educated that overflowed or the provider of cheap food so that the sector of the industry could compete with only relied on the low pay. The basic error uptil now because of the sector of agriculture only was treated as the sector of the supporter who carried out his conventional role with various entrusted goods missions that tended only to pacify the macro interests that is in connection with the stability of national economics through the rice self-reliance in the context of national food endurance. Implicitly in fact the national stability of this country in placed to the farmer that most still continue to was in the balance trap of the long-term poverty circle (the low the level equilibrium the trap). Essentially the agricultural noose that must be built was concrete strong modern agriculture, efficient that was managed professionally and had the superiority won the competition in the global market was good for the aim of the fulfilment of the domestic requirement and the export (the source of foreign exchange). With increasingly integrated the economy of the country in the Indonesian Archipelago in the economy of the world, demanded the development of the agricultural product must be ready to face the competition was open that was increasingly tight in order to be not crushed by foreign competitors. So the development paradigm of agriculture that stressed the increase in the production only must shift to the side of the increase in the income and welfare of the farmer's family and the other agricultural actor with the sector of agroindustry as the sector of his spur (leverage factor).
The aim that will be achieved by me in this age was with the organic agricultural system including being to produce the foodstuff with the quality of high nutrition as well as in the number be enough, maintained and increased the fertility of the land continuously, restricted the occurrence of all the forms of pollution of the environment that possibly was produced by the agricultural activity and gave the guarantee that was increasingly good for the producers of agriculture (especially the farmer) with the life that more in accordance with human rights to satisfy the requirement for the foundation as well as received the production and job satisfaction, including the healthy work environment and comfortable. In his essence, organic agriculture was the system with the main characteristics worked one naturally to fulfil the requirement for healthy food for humankind. The focus in the income of the farmers. At this time rice  became the source of the main production of the farmers that could no longer guarantee the income of the farmer and guaranteed in the matter of the security of food. The increase in the productivity as a key in the increase was the income of the farmer, because of the repeated development and system  became very beneficial. The fund was needed, and could be secured from temporary efforts to satisfy the requirement for credit of the farmers through the credit scheme. Agriculture that had system the irrigation was very important, and must be gazed at as the activity between sector. The government must as certain the integrity of the infrastructure with the involvement of the user of the irrigation in an intensive manner, and increased the user's efficiency of water to reach the harvest that was more optimal as far as each drop of water. Focus from the regulation from the department of agriculture must be organised repeated. The quality input that was low influenced the productivity of the farmer, quarantine was needed to protect the interests of the farmer from the illness from outside but at the time of that simultaneously also did not restrict the entry of the raw material import, and the standard of the product was continually increased in the chain by sector private enterprise, not by the government. The policy of the market economy of being the choice most made sense if speaking about the globalisation. The opening the activity of economics of the country's passage offered the quite big opportunity. The globalisation caused the profit and the benefit for the local and regional economy as well as brought welfare for the community. For example, with the application of the privatisation and liberalisation, Australian agricultural products produced 3% from the total export of world agriculture. In the telecommunications business, the Australian telecommunications company also created the competitive market. This condition was very beneficial for the industry and the community because of this competitive price. My suggestion was the country must formulate politics and the policy of agriculture that was clear in order to achieve the objective of a golden country. Moreover minimised and stopped the practice of the conversion of the productive agricultural land and was carried out by agriculture reform. Increased the area land of agriculture by the farmer and maximised the sleep land that was controlled in charge by the country for the productive agricultural activity. Only could increase the exchange rate of the farmer as well as constructive agro-industry was based on the community in the level of rural areas besides making the regulation about the farm labourer's pay. The end very was the increase in effective agricultural technology.
The culture was a developing way of life and was owned jointly by one of the person's groups and was bequeathed from the generation to the generation. The culture was formed from many complicated elements, including the religious system and politics, the customs and traditions, the language, equipment, clothes, the building, and the work of art. The language, as also the culture, was the part was not separated of himself humankind so as many people tended regarded him was bequeathed genetically. Elements sosio-culture this was spread and covered many social activities human kind. Basis of Culture and the Arts Malay explained directly on who is actually the Malay. This is important because what matters is born by a group of Malay people called Malays. Until today there is no valid explanation is based on authentic sources of evidence and in line with the realities of who is named 'the Malays' it. Without understanding the fundamental nature of what the Malays, the trial of any of the Malays, including culture and arts will be just pretend that did not step in the real world as in the writings of those who call themselves historians of linguistics. Described in this book that is the Malays are poligenesis, which is not the breed, and only the original land. In addition, there are so many external elements in Malay culture that come from a variety of influences. This led to some changes and additions are in the Malay culture. The main reason why this happens is because of the Malays themselves are made up of various ethnic groups.Here is explains the basic properties of the empirical Malay. Departed from there, explained the concept of culture and art as well as several important theories in the academic world in order to provide a more robust knowledge base on culture, arts, ethos, rituals and cultural aspects of other Malay. After reviewing all of these purposes, let me conclude that it generally brings the concept of civilization understanding very large and complex because it refers to the overall achievement of mankind in the development of thinking in the field of science, administration, leadership and law, religion, morals and customs , literature, writing system and the municipal . History has proven the existence of great civilizations such as the famous Egyptian civilization, Indian civilization, Chinese civilization, civilization of Greece and the Islamic civilization. Effect of history has showed us about the characteristics of true civilization. Every civilization has popular force design skills to improve the comfort of living and contribute to the advancement of technology. Each civilization also has a proper system of governance in a system of moral values and integrity to manage the activities of the life of the community treatment . Culture and art has not run away from one of the main features of a civilization. The birth and development of creativity in  philosophy, art, literature and the value of each individual prove the civilization of this statement. To complement the language communication gap born of Darwin language and writing system unique to each civilization. Development of language and writing becomes a medium of communication, recording, presentation and inheritance of civilization treasures in the various fields of knowledge. After understanding the meaning of civilization and features, we know that culture and art can not be separated in the existence of a civilization, but also culture and art has proved to be a basic component for the formation of a civilization the famous and distinction. In other words, without culture and high art is not possible a life achievement in all aspects of life and culture and the arts will be considered as a distinctive civilization. By my thinking, art is actually no relationship with religion. This is due to the policy of secularism that separates the mundane matters of religion. However, art is still regarded as a moral ideal and related. Art can also be divided by two for the purpose of art and art for public , where art only was released for any purpose, whether good elements or bad. While the arts community is that the art was created for a purpose then it must be understood by people who used to social, political and moral values. In the development of art, essentially a framework must be comprehensive, covering aspects of the character, faith, religious and philosophical goals of human life. Art must is a process which is positive in the eyes of Islam, stirring, spiritual guide and develop the character. Art means must be truly "Al-Amar Ma'ruf bills and An-Nahy 'an Munkar" (enjoin good and prevent the default) and moral development of society, not brought disobedience and non-Muslims as a moral pest. All activities human art must be subdued to the final goal (pleasure of Allah piety). All values must be subdued in the relationship and the willingness trust. Art should be a tool to increase piety. Islamic Art in the sense of humble themselves to the peace of God in addition to in human life as God created beings with a love of nature art and beauty. That is why Islamic art in motto not 'art for art' but 'art for God to human beings and the environment. Islamic art emitted from the faith, which is a testimony to the acceptance and oneness of Allah .The arts can instill faith predicated conscious nature and believe. Art is also able to enhance not only the intellectual and emotional.
In this golden age we could also develop production art of porcelain or the ceramics was one of the expertise that was owned by the Muslim artists in the glory era. Almost in each Islam authority territory heterogenous the fine arts developed fast - indicated that civilisation of Muslim group in the time experienced the golden period. The ceramics or porcelain that was produced by the Muslim artists then was known to be very quality high. The Muslim artists in the Prophet's era made heterogenous the form of the floor of the ceramics that was used to decorate the wall and the floor. Not only that, the artists then made heterogenous the everyday requirement thing like, cangkir, glasses, the plate, the cup, the bottle, and the water cross-section from porcelain. One of the factors that made porcelain and the Islam ceramics unique was the form and decoration. The ceramics with the design was one of the product kinds that often was found in the Islam world. Through this foundation will be organizing courses, trainings and seminars in the field of arts and culture to create a professional workforce, professionals and the creative arts, and players can provide high quality services. Art craft is a work of art created to be used, but was composed to include elements of art to give a beautiful and captivating. The creation of crafts that require a membership and efficiency in the use of basic materials are organized from the start to a process that created the craft. The process requires the creation of the craft aesthetic force in order to provide a beautiful and attractive design. Tekatan is also the name of suji and is a popular handicrafts in the Malay community. Tekatan use velvet as the base fabric and decoration reflect the design of flowers and trees . Tekatan used to make shoes, fan. face slap pillow and wrapping betel. The results of this tekatan made for ceremonial purposes such as decorating the ceremony made the marriage, circumcision ceremonies, the coronation of the king and the ceremony - the ceremony that the greatness of others. Art of weaving is divided into three types, namely ordinary weaving, woven tie dip and songket. Songket weaving is weaving the most complete and beautiful. Weaving is a process of the normal development. While woven tie is believed to grow in the palace - the king. Presley is more complicated, especially in the make-up or had tapped “menyongket".This type of textiles is also the call of gold thread fabric. Batik is a textile art produced by a process of applying wax and dye cloth. At the beginning of white cloth to be processed into batik cloth is boiled and dried. Batik cloth is then applied to the copper block is immersed in a heated liquid wax. After applied the cloth to be dyed by the dyeing stages - stage. Then the cloth is boiled and washed and dried thoroughly dry. Art Copper is another craft that Malays. This art was introduced with the aim to create devices from the beautiful brass and beautiful forms. Instruments that were created in the art of copper used in traditional ceremonies at the palace, especially Malay rulers as the coronation of the king of instruments, the royal wedding or other ceremonies. Brass instruments are used as home furnishings or equipment use, such as trays, tepak sireh, spoon, place of coal, container and rose water sprinkler. Malay architectural design stems from the houses of the Malays accommodation. Although there are various types of Malay houses, but not significantly different structures. The design of Malay houses also show the existence of architectural elements from other regions in the world outside of Malay or Malay world. For example homes for the Malays in Negeri Sembilan is the architectural design of the house is enormous. In the oral tradition, the game also known as the game's leisure or sports people included in the category of "folk games". This game not only serves as a means of entertainment but also play a role in social activities to brighten the ceremony, reception, weddings and so on. I think that the proper one game this tradition revived. Wau have a relationship with a belief in the spirit of rice. Wau game is believed to have been done as a way to apologize to the rice spirit that appears to be a girl. Cavalier game is a traditional Malay game favored by women and children. The game began to grow in the court believed that among the women and the glass palace. They play the game to the heart of the free time and also to fill a lot of spare time. Football is a sport that uses  ball made of woven rattan that two to three layers. Sport soccer is played by several players standing in a circle. The game begins with one player throw the ball to one of the other players. Other players will consider the ball before taken by others. Through an international food festival will be improved and increased infrastructure and tourism products from time to time to meet the tastes of local and international tourists. Music is an attraction to men. Philosophers think that every person has an interest in music. This condition is clearly visible to the human reaction to the sounds that have been a favorite since the man was born. Music really can not be seen and enjoyed by the senses of sight, but felt with the heart or feelings. In addition to the high tradition of centralized in the palace, there is a tradition among the common low from the farmers and fishermen. The development of art music tradition at the community of interest in low-birth community itself. Some people inherit membership to play musical instruments from his family. Musical instruments are made from materials gathered around them, such as bamboo, wood, leather and other animals. Music trumpet is an instrument developed in the traditional Malay society. Percussion performances played in the nature of Islam as ratib, poem, tambourine, rodat, maulut and others. Which means here may serve as the foundation to be collecting information about traditional arts and preserving from extinction through time swallowed the efforts which are considered appropriate.
Strong ethnic ties will be more accurate if it was based on religious teachings woven together with faith and devotion to Allah Islam as Al-Din was a holistic integration of human relations and community (including community and ethnic relations) with human relationships, God, man beings and the human-nature relations. Thus, human and social relations are embodied in the teachings of Islam that emphasizes unity, peace, harmony , regardless of race, and ethnicity. Well-being can only be realized if the people and communities based on the teachings of Allah swt. Integration of faith and piety and charity aimed not only in terms of ethnic relations, but viewed as a whole in the components of human development, community and country that eventually reset the paradigm in terms of improving the quality of life and standard of living, community life and nation, progress and national development (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual community). It is great pleasure for me when all ethnic groups contributed to the struggle for independence. But as one nation or any nation, we must acknowledge the reality and struggle together to ensure continuity of independence enjoyed by future generations. Ethnic relations in Malaysia are no longer centered in religious matters (although religion is a backup) but more important is the justice of government in meeting the needs of the people of various religions and races, socio-economic programs to improve the economic status of those in need, the development more concentrated in rural areas and rural development, agriculture and agro-based industries. Therefore, it is not considered a citizen of their country if they could not worship or believe in God. People's also equally regardless of race and religion shed loyalty to King and country, and government leaders, uphold the rule of law and appreciate the courtesy and decency in a multiracial society. Throughout Islamic history, we will find that the record of Islamic government and good treatment for other religious groups and in terms of diplomatic and international relations. Similarly, records of our national government. Dialogue between civilizations or religions dialogue will occur with the establishment of individual interactions. Prophet Muhammad's extensive use of dialogue and wisdom as argued by the polytheists of Mecca. The Malays do not have a problem in the interaction of civilizations. Other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity can be expanded in the Malay Archipelago for the understanding of Islam based on knowledge of the Qur'an which emphasize tolerance and accept diversity of religion and ethnicity and to live together in harmony, peace and harmony except in time of emergency. The Malays also receive a language other ethnic groups even though the national language is Malay based national clothing is accepted by all ethnic groups, even though every ethnic group has their own ethnic clothing. Because Islam requires that foods that halallah, the Malays can receive food aliens (lawful) as Western fast food (home of the West), Char Koay Teaw (original from China) and Tosai (of Indian origin). All this was accepted by the Muslims based on the understanding of science. Indian civilization is renowned for its philosophy and mathematics, the Chinese civilization with a knowledge of mathematics, decimals and Islamic civilization and put the figure shows the basic concepts in modern mathematics and astronomy observations have interaction with the success of civilization as a result of mastering knowledge. But ethnic of Chinese, Malays and Indians and others should have no problem reinforcing ethnic relations in Malaysia as a result of the interaction of science and technology and cultural interaction of their previous civilization. Acquiring knowledge is the formation and continuation of the success factors of the three civilizations above. Arabic expression, "Seek knowledge even up to China" proves two aspects: the first interaction and dialogue of civilizations, second; transmission of knowledge and pursuit of knowledge. Good ethnic relations will contribute to the quality of life. Based on the Quality of Life Index, we find that ethnic relations can be attributed to many things in our lives. Quality of Life Index includes 11 aspects, namely:
1.    World of work - ethnic relations can be strengthened by establishing good relations in the workplace. In the area of employment, all people have equal opportunities to provide energy and serve in any profession.
2.    Transport and communications - road accidents sometimes result in conflicts based on ethnic sentiments. This should be avoided, let the court decide who is or is not guilty. Polite and courteous on the road, and when using public transport is noble and good practices of high civic awareness. Telecommunication gadgets like fax, telegraph, e-mail and SMS could contribute to the strengthening of ethnic relations.
3.    Family life - good and polite person would create a good family. Will produce a good family community and society as well. The good society is a catalyst for progress and prosperity of the country. In Malaysia or Indonesia, despite the good camaraderie family, each family member should have a good relationship with family members of other ethnic groups.
4.    Security and public order - People of various races should be together to ensure security and public order is maintained and avoid the trigger to the ethnic conflict or disagreement, provocation or raise sensitive issues.
5.    And income distribution - we have a place to seek the prosperity and welfare of the country and the people who run the government with the permission of Allah swt not yet arisen with jealousy and envy because we have together contributed to the progress and development. Taxpayer money is used to develop family, community and country.
6.    Health - issues such as HIV AIDS, drugs, heart disease and cancer affect all races. We must unite to fight against and overcome.
7.    Education - the field of education itself either at the primary level, secondary and tertiary is a platform that can be used to unite people. In theory, the higher the education the person, the higher the awareness and practice of empowering ethnic and intra-ethnic relations.
8.    Housing - There is a tendency to buy homes home buyers within their own ethnic group. This attitude should be prevented because it can create racial polarization. Many residential areas with diverse ethnic groups. Therefore efforts should be undertaken to strengthen ethnic neighborhoods first.
9.    Environment - Environmental issues are best addressed collectively. Collaborative campaign involving the cleaning housing various ethnic groups can create a team spirit and attitude of cooperation and mutual assistance.
10. Social involvement - volunteer work either at the community level and community attitudes can create love in the context of ethnic relations menyayang. Similarly, social work and community development.
11. Culture and entertainment - the cultural and entertainment program that involves the participation of various ethnic groups must always be encouraged because it may strengthen ethnic relations.
Sport appears to be creating a sense of patriotism among Malaysians thus strengthen race relations and national integration. Existing measures to use sports as a tool to foster a close race. The Chinese already have a play "sepak takraw" previously dominated by the Malays. The Malays have been playing basketball, even before the game was dominated by the Chinese. We need to raise the sport to the country's image internationally. Badminton, hockey, soccer and sports squasy ranges that can raise people's sense of patriotism.People can cry of sadness when the country lost in a variety of sports, and so people can cry in happiness when the country won a game. Malaysians of different races must together fight against the negative elements of Western culture and ideas contrary to religious values and orient. Culture and moral nation must be defended to the integrity of the national culture and prevent it from contamination by harmful cultural and moral character and courtesy people. Culture and moral strength are more precise catalyst in our efforts to become a developed nation towards achieving Vision 2020. Values and courtesy among people of Malaysia are Malaysian identity must be preserved even if we have a modern and developed. Head of the family must ensure the integrity and moral culture of their family members. Community leaders are responsible for their own community. Government to create a society that has a superior personality (Towering personality) so that nation can sit and stand tall with other nations. Ideal personality is in itself a high strength, high knowledge, high performance, and intellectual . Folk festivals in the region may be a mechanism for fostering the spirit of goodwill among the various races. For Muslims, the practice of visiting the home visit the other when a particular celebration would agree the system does not mean other religions, but rather as a practice of foster mutual respect, understanding and friendship with other friends, though not with their religion. This should be a culture of life. Nusantara golden era where we must fight for environmental issues in the proper channels and procedures and really sincere in the national interest, rather than personal interest or special interest groups. Collaborative campaign events of its kind in the clean and multi-ethnic placements can foster sense, love and mutual assistance. "Menang sorak, kampung tergadai" suggests that the key is the "substance" (substance) rather than slogans or empty talk. We need to stick with what has been promised in the context of our love for the country and its leaders. Multi-racial Malaysians must inculcate in them the principle of "let the whites of the eyes, not the white bones" in the context of national defense. All nations must instill in them the spirit and attitude of love and willing to defend the country to the last drop of blood and is committed to a good and useful citizens. In Islam, those who defend the country and die for defending the religion and the country given the high honor of God. Conclusion, the Islamic approach the next century gold was introduced to bring about change in the mentality and attitude of society and the transition to a better in the context of progress and development. This approach will bring improvements in all aspects of life towards a community and developed countries and achieve the objectives of Vision 2020. Non-Muslims need not fear this approach because it will bring benefits to all people irrespective of religion and ethnicity.
The service was the prerequisite for entering the holy verse,t he Lord, and to accept the Spirit's guidance. The service was the pattern from thinking and the behaviour was based on the high moral standard. That including moral purity and moral purity. The service was begun in the heart and the intellect. That was taught in the house. That was the accumulation from thousands of decisions and the small action. Virtue (the Service) was words that often was not heard by us in the community at this time, but in the Latin language the root said virtus meant the power. The woman and the man that the merit had high level that was not seen and moral force. They were convinced because they were appropriate to receive and was led by the “Kudus Spirit”. President Monson advised: "you must defend that was true, even if you must carry him out was alone." Have moral courage to become clear so that the other person followed. There was no friendship that was more valuable apart from your conscience that was clean, your moral cleanliness was personal and how noble it seems to learn that you stood in the place that was determined clean and with the conviction that you were appropriate to carry him out..Islamic business practices are less purely individual interests trader Muslim should have a noble approach to successful business. Trade practices are required by religion, especially the involvement of trade to bring success to the dealer. Success in business can be measured by the amount of profit. Of particular interest in Islam, and continued large-scale benefits to be gained if the traded goods and services received by the great mass. In other words, the business is able to dominate a large market, including at the international level. Objective could be obtained through the intent and approach to business through the dealer meets the requirements of the noble religion. Intent and the accuracy of the approach can be adopted if the early start, the intention of the dealer business is to strive to increase consumer welfare. In other words, traders involved in the conduct of its business approach that the purpose of his trade to contribute to the welfare of consumers life.This is because of the current global economic crisis is due to the approach of business practices is the importance of individual traders. Social welfare is a question that is not important. Approach to Islam and other religions that encourage individuals to be responsible for the welfare of society is an appropriate approach to the nature of organizing living up to the glorious existence of human civilization. This approach is only able to guarantee harmony and economic stability achieved. I think the golden age will be waiting to take us all to the good performance of the clear and manifest. If a society wants to achieve economic progress and the bounty of life overall restructuring strategy should be considered by the government. That means developing countries should be focus on planning comprehensive and economic development planning should become part of community development policy. This approach only requires a country to formulate a national development plan covering all aspects of spiritual, educational, cultural, economic, family, politics and so forth. Under it, all the produce to the public welfare will be planned and implemented a comprehensive and integrated. It means that the approach is able to direct people to build a perfect civilization. By taking a comprehensive approach in formulating policy development, all aspects that are identified will be measuring the progress of society. The approach would be to measure progress in the country as a whole with integrated. Measure the achievement of all the things that will give a more accurate picture of the actual position of social welfare. The ultimate objective of comprehensive national development planning should be able to generate well-being of the people. Capitalism is built on the philosophy of materialism, and individualism naturalism. It is material for the early human beings are defined as material (economic man). The objective of human life is the gratification his body (hedonism). The success of human life in the world only through the accumulation of too many assets to meet hedonisme.The way of property is gathered, however,this is not a concern. As a result, many actions occur in the absence of unfairness in today's society. Involvement of the public sector has become too big for the economic constraints faced by society today. Continue the economic crisis resulting in the erosion of human civilization. The world is now in a very worrying situation. Environment proves greed human behavior in order that the earth in the process of accumulating wealth. What is also worrying family more fragile institutions. As a result of the greater part of the community have provided today to meet the needs of life due to the high cost of living that time to meet the needs of the family had ignored. In such an environment, people continue to fail to find a new approach back to wellness. The new approach of economic restructuring in the nation and the international economic relations still remain within the framework of capitalism. It is time people back to religion. Unfortunately, the new approach is based religion can not be presented in the framework of capitalism. Even what is considered the approach does not conform to religious requirements syumul and comprehensive nature. It is pledged to the technical and mechanical questions of law. Not the spirit of law to ensure the success of goal. Hence, in particular religious approach must be based on the philosophy of Islamic faith. The spirit of justice and foster reconciliation among the people in organizing and developing human civilization, including the economic aspects of the new model should be the idea of a national development policy. Only through this approach, the current economic crisis can be addressed by providing grassroots solutions to the problem. If we just try to find economic solutions through fiscal and monetary policy alone, the economic problems like poverty, unemployment, high cost of living and being alive on the whole it was not achieved.
As the cover of my words or of my goals once again, i would like to submit the goals and challenges in the face of this golden age. Including establishing no country - country on earth that has united archipelago of shared goals.The countries in the world should be a peaceful country, regional integration and communal living in harmony, to cooperate fully with fairness, and consists of a race with political loyalty and dedication to the country. At this time also create a free-spirited, peaceful and prosperous, with confidence in their own capability, proud of what we have, with what has been achieved, mighty enough to face many problems. Communities in the archipelago, the region must be known through the pursuit of excellence, fully aware of all potential, not give in to anyone, and respected by people of other countries. I describe to the reader that we can develop a mature democratic society, practicing a healthy form of democracy has matured understanding, based on the community can be an example to some of many developing countries. In addition, we together can create a society that is totally immoral and unethical, the citizens of the strong religious and spiritual and ethical values upheld by the highest. Beside, to create a liberal and tolerant society, the people of the free world and the various customary practices, cultural, and religious beliefs and at the same time putting their loyalty to one country. From another point of view i believe that at this time we have been able to create a scientific and progressive society, a society that has a high and potentially force a change in the future, which is not only a consumer of technology but also contributed to the civilization of the future of science and technology. On the needs of changing time, we can look forward in bringing the culture of caring and love, the social system that emphasizes community over self, the human being does not revolve around the country or individual but around a strong family system while ensuring that community just in the economic field. This is a society which carries out the distribution of national wealth in a fair and equitable, with the establishment of full partnership of all the people in economic development. With the country to create a prosperous society with a competitive economy, dynamic, robust and resilient.
Challenges mentioned above have raised several key issues that must be faced to enable all countries to achieve developed nation status. These issues are first, the creation of a world nation. The concept of a nation in the world has meaning because it means a sovereign country that its citizens can not be defined by race, ethnicity or skin colour. Establishment a nation is a pre-condition for progress because tanparakyatnya have a mind of a nation and race, any form of cooperation to move forward will not be established. For the complete concept of the term as national unity, loyalty to country, harmony and tolerance must be understood and practiced. Many countries have experienced a transformation process that has started since independent because the achievement is still present in the middle of the road. This is because the process not only involves the transformation of the industrial farm life, but it also involves changes in technology, economic, social and cultural. Many society in a lots countries are backed by the skills and expertise of science and high technology that not only can catch or modify, but it must  adding and updating.  A major challenge facing the creation of a developed and united nation. This is because in a developed country should not present a situation where the people have everything, while the other one drops. This vision statement is an emphasis on issues that are always given special attention and ask for the eradication of poverty, socio-economic balance between people, between regions, in between states and between urban and rural areas. In this context, the “ Nusantara Golden Vision “ actually ask all the people not misinterpretation of the assistance given to a people group as unfair, but should be considered as an attempt to improve the non unfairness. During this period it can be concluded that the transition period to the conservation of probation because the concept of the developed countries is now characterized by a more materialistic, like developed countries-Malaysia which ideally should be guided by the philosophy of moral and ethical standards based on religious beliefs. This philosophy of adherence is important for material advancement without moral values and ethics will not create lasting peace and harmony but many bring disadvantages. Practice of moral values (as in the policy application of Islamic Values) will be the factor of internal barriers to not miss-use of skills or wealth owned. Finally, the development of community based family system. This vision has highlighted the basic social system, development of family based on the fact that families form the basis of society and society is the foundation of nation building. That means the strength and progress of a country started and is on family and community. This assertion is true for families (households) and communities that shape the quality of individuals who become citizens and leaders of a country. Culture and value system that encompasses a way of life (including the culture of caring and love) as desired. May the beauty of Nusantara back successfully on Earth .That's all for now and i hopefully what i've told just now will give you something new in life to productive and caliber all the time .Thanks !

Kesedaran kepada masyarakat hari ini tentang kewujudan bangsa-bangsa di Nusantara

Salah satu bukti penyatuan bangsa ke atas sejarah Majapahit dan Padjajaran

Pemahaman sejarah

Dikarang oleh Ir . Raden Roza  Rahmadjasa Mintaredja

Putri Anis bersama tokoh masyarakat Sunda

Pada bulan Mac , 2010 Putri Anis dan beberapa ahli yang terlibat telah berkenan hadir ke acara suai kenal dan penggelaran di Taman Budaya Jawa Barat , Bandung Indonesia . Turut bersama hadir adalah orang-orang penting beliau , beberapa unit media khas beliau serta keluarganya termasuk adik beradiknya yang menyaksikan Putri Anis menyampaikan pidato hampir satu jam lebih yang bertajuk NUSANTARA GOLDEN AGE BY SRI RATU SAADONG VII . Di sini kami ingin merakamkan ribuaan terima kasih kepada pihak penganjur yang diketuai oleh Tuan Setiajaya Satria Rashidi yang juga merupakan ketua bagi acara ini dan bertungkus lumus dalam mewawancara Putri Anis sebagai salah satu peneraju yang terbabit secara khusus dalam membina Nusantara Golden Age . Tidak lupa juga buat Dr . Ottih Rostoyati yang berperanan aktif dalam melestarikan seni buluh dan beliau juga memperkenan buku yang dikarang beliau dihadiahi kepada Putri Anis dalam agenda ini . Turut hadir adalah Profesor Yahya dan beberapa profesor lain yang meyokong usaha Putri Anis dalam menjayakan wawasan Nusantara .

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